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15h c59 NoonStar99
Well I finally looked into your big P word FF doesn’t like and saw the june 6 post because it was free. You just did what you needed at the time. To help protect you and yours right or wrong can be left to other debate. Hope all goes well for you in the future because you have a lot of storys to bring to this world and i would hope to see at least a quarter of them. Have a great day.
7/18 c59 Guest
Saw your back on the other site so that’s good even if I can’t read the whole post
7/8 c59 Guest
Hope your doing alright and come back soon it’s been a age since the last update
7/8 c40 nilzor
How come Daiki is suddenly throwing around all his information without a care in the world and making himself look mighty suspicious while doing so?
7/7 c59 mspears3175
Love this! hope we see more of Hashi soon and Daiki's domination over the Hyuga clan!
7/7 c1 1DeadGamer72
Respect for your action, and the best for you and your family
7/1 c59 stevesgaming87
this has ranged from deece to medium deece
7/1 c59 reptoholic
Loving it, read this story multiple times, enjoyed the new chapter. Really hope he has a harem and he does not let tenten control him, really don’t like the muzzle talk she did. Awesome so far!keep up the amazing work
6/29 c59 1Wicked.A
The last few chapters were nice though I feel like there were some things he should have kept hidden, on the other hand being as open as he is will definitely make him more believable
6/29 c57 Wicked.A
Nice chapter
6/20 c59 Guest
Yeah not subscribed to you on the other site but I saw the start of the post that everyone can see where you explained why you’d been gone and since it’s been a little while since that hope your doing alright
6/20 c59 ImbaMLG
its been a month my guy and i miss your fics where you at? you alright?
6/19 c1 3Lucifer's Remnants
I found out why he hasn't been updating from his patreon page

www patreon com / 0jordinio0 / posts

just delete the spaces and and the period before and after patreon but here's what he had basically posted on what's been going on with him


June 6
Sorry for the radio silence the past month guys. I generally just haven't been here. amongst other things I was in jail a bit. I beat the shit out of my sisters ex boyfriend when he turned up throwing threats and demanding money from her, and hadn't paid any of my bills or shit while I was out of the way. So had to take care of that as well and took a bit before my internet came back on and shit.

Just got back and I'm dead tired, I'll be back to writing tomorrow and probably gonna spend the entirety of this month going forward writing non stop starting tomorrow to make up for the lack of ones last month cuz of my shit. gonna be aiming for at least 20 chapters updates for this month.
6/17 c59 Ryan
Lol. He’s in jail!
6/18 c1 50Jokiba
I honestly am kinda worried u ok
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