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19h c38 SalemTheSpeakerOfTruth
Hinata is best girl over Tenten, easily.
22h c28 SalemTheSpeakerOfTruth
Some lessons on etiquette may not be out of the question. His blatant disrespect borders on unbelievability.
6/8 c51 Guest
Yo man I pray that you finish this fic because it’s literally the best gamer Naruto fic I’ve read and I just gotta see the conclusion to this narrative.
6/8 c51 1setokayba2n
Something in chapter 41 made me think... Could Daiki create a Hyperbolic Chamber Room with seals? Perhaps also make a seal to absorb chakra so he could get even more chakra.

Also, while he has the chakra of a low-tier kage... How much does he need to reach the level of a certain sand tanuki?

And I noticed that his Genjutsu is a little low... Is he going to try to use it? And is Tayuya going to be Maid nº2? I could imagine Daiki disciplining her to make him call master after she began to insult him
5/31 c48 dio45
hey just wanted to say that your story is awesome keep up the good work
5/30 c51 PSYCongroo
Thanks for the chapter
5/29 c51 RuneFather
5/28 c51 joaoliveiraneto07
Thanks for the chapter! finally we have a new chapter! thanks author
5/28 c20 AllmightyMagikarp
my man this is second time i have read naruto story where its mc just punches the chunin plant to steal his answer sheet AND have ibiki say that anyone trying the same stunt is yeeted from exams xD
5/28 c51 Guest
Not gonna lie this fix has some of the best banter I’ve ever read and I’m loving it…as well as the lemons.
5/27 c51 Guest
The amount of time he'd have to waste teaching that leech Sakura ain't worth her pussy bro. Just dip and go bang Anko instead. Plus, she screamed his destination and timeline in public, so I'm expecting Danzo to 'test' him. Loved the story so far, thanks for the chapter!
5/27 c51 Guest
More please
5/26 c51 Guest
Chill if you need to recover, don't force yourself to keep posting. Amazing chapter as always lad
5/27 c51 28Kairan1979
Thanks for the chapter.
I didn't expect Daiki to use Talk no Jutsu on Rock Lee.
5/27 c51 mdhunter111
Hurrah! Another chapter has been posted on this, my #1 favorite Naruto fanfic! Happy to see that this story is still being continued, and here’s to hoping that the next chapter will be updated sometime soon! Looking forward to it, and I hope you have a great weekend! :)
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