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7/4 c2 Francis charron
Can you make character that is canadian and use a shotgun and is the one that carry the flamethrower, juste asking btw, birth place quebec
7/4 c1 2StormWolf16
Also Atlas has satellites? So Remnant (Or this hybrid of Earth and Remnant) made it to Space?
7/4 c2 StormWolf16
Is this set on Earth or Remnant? Because what's with them being born in Russia or Congo?
4/25 c1 Guest
Interesting story. Just work on your paragraphs and spacing tbh but other than that, it has my attention. Im excited for more chapters _
4/27 c1 11Harvesting Season
Interesting start with plenty of baggage on the family front to tackle later. Haven't seen a mercenary fic in a good while. Vacuo seems like a prime candidate for being unstable enough to see a good amount of security contracts with their whole bandit situation in the original setting. Although, I could just as easily see the boys following the SDC payroll if contracts to defend the dust shipments pop up. Looking forward to seeing the training and future fieldwork.
4/25 c1 Augustus Arc
Good start, good premise. In depth coverage of the fighting and descriptions; while your writing is good (title not included) the formatting (ie. where you start/end/blend conversations) jumps around at times. For example the quick exchange in the last paragraph that's within the middle, whereas for the rest you try to distinguish by seperation. Off to a good start and looking forward to how you develop this!
4/25 c1 1Potato - Main
Not going out without a fight, I like it. The way Jaune is portrayed fighting and arguing to retain his dream is realistic and his how my family argued with me often on my decision on joining.

The way Jaune calculated that fight with Ruby was badass, however I know that if it was a straight out fight Jaune would've got his ass kicked no question asked. Even though he still lost, it's impressive how he crippled Ruby's offensive even though both were severely handicapped. (for Jaune's sake) I half expected he'd win but not get admitted but he lost but outcome the same.

If this is Jaune, self trained against a handicapped huntsmen in training now.

He probably be able to go toe to toe with an actual or close to an actual huntsmen, with whatever tools, gadgets, and weapons he'd use to severely hinder huntsmen offense.

But we know the real power will be within the team he is with.

Anyways good start, pretty cool premise, hope this goes to the moon.

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