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3/21 c123 4heather4cu
Love all these pre-Christmas activities and I'm so glad the Grants came. I figured that might happen.
3/21 c121 heather4cu
What a beautiful card and I love that she answered the "what's in your heart" question. Perfect timing too as they begin anew.
3/20 c123 Ann Power-Wolfe
Oh my, what an amazing Christmas they are going to have, the celebrations have already started! I will be waiting and watching for the next chapters!
3/19 c123 Jacki Foster
I am loving this story! It is definitely my favorite right now! I wasn’t so sure about Nathan and Elizabeth getting together(she has definitely become someone I didn’t like in season 8), but you have brought her back to even better than the old Elizabeth and I feel she is just right for Nathan and Allie now! I was always so worried about Little Jack missing out on having Nathan as a dad and a mentor for his life. I love that they are having a huge family Christmas and Nathan is loving it! This is what all of us as TN have wanted for him and Allie for a long time! Can’t wait for more chapters! Thank you for this story (that I didn’t know I needed! But love!)!
3/19 c123 Karen Martin
I love how Grace thanked and welcomed Carol into their family. My eyes certainly watered at that special moment. As a mother that was very sweet to be so kind to one who couldn't bare children. The moment w Bill and the teacup made my forming tears dry! Ha ha. But, my eyes were glistening with joy most of the rest of his chapter. The three sister-heart have captured what we really wanted so badly for our Mountie and Allie...a real,loving family to enjoy all the special moments of life with and here it is. Your writing always brings such warmth and joy. You and Cinda Justice are my favorite authors. You deliver that extra special meaning in your words letting God's grace and love shine through. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
3/19 c122 Karen Martin
Lovely first meeting between E and Nathan's parents. I am excited to see her relationship grow with them.
3/18 c123 Guest
Love the chapters! Please keep them coming
3/18 c82 175nebula2
I do enjoy how you manage to make the tour of the little cottage a little different every time that Ally gives it. It was nice seeing it through Elizabeth's eyes this time.

Looks like Allie was playing matchmaker again - going to do some reading to give Elizabeth and Nathan time alone.

Looks like Nathan will have a lady on each arm at Allie's concert. Those Regina ladies are going to be crestfallen!
3/18 c81 nebula2
Love that Allie is seemingly more worried about how her Dad will be affected by Elizabeth's visit than her getting hurt again. The innocence of childhood.

And Claire finds out Elizabeth is in town. I am looking forward to seeing that interaction between Claire and Elizabeth. Looks like Elizabeth will finally get her journal pages back. I like that Claire is worried about Ardis getting hurt given the unfolding situation.

Wes can tell Nathan is happy huh? Looks like our Mountie is already far gone ove Elizabeth again. Here's hoping this time goes better for him!

I have to say, I was half expecting Elizabeth to go looking around the house when she went in. Guess her therapy has helped her cure that tendency of being overly nosey. It also seems like William didn't relay knowing about Nathan's half-brother when he gave his report to his family. Interested in seeing how that information gets revealed to Elizabeth.
3/18 c80 nebula2
So, did Nathan get a chance to speak between chapters or is this another one-sided Elizabeth conversation again? I wasn't sure. Still, it is good to see her making the confessions to Nathan that she has made to others. So much for taking things slow. Nathan has a whole week planned out within a few hours, though I suppose saying you are going to take things slow in a letter and then doing so when they show up unnanounced practically on your doorstep. Giving that Allie was more receptive and easy going about Elizabeth's letters that William brought with him, Allie's greeting is easier for me to accept. I did like Allie's stop in mid-greeting at seeing Elizabeth in her home.

At least Nathan should get a better first meal from Elizabeth than Jack did, huh?
3/18 c123 Guest
Merci pour ces chapitres. J'adore cette histoire. Toute la famille est réunie pour passer les fêtes de Noël. Hâte de lire la suite.
3/17 c79 nebula2
Well at least she didn't show up on his doorstep. Poor Nathan. His shock of hearing Elizabeth's voice came across well. I am glad he refused to see her at first, though this still moved too fast for my liking. He chose to uproot his and Allie's whole life to put distance between himself and Elizabeth and he goes from not wanting to see her to inviting her home in the matter of minutes it seemed. Would have been seemed more realistic to me if he would have at least slept on it seeing how he was once again taken by surprise. That being said, I did enjoy the conversation between the two of them. This is what needed to happen in order for them to move forward.

I kind of felt bad for Nathan that Jack wasn't with them. The one Thatcher/Thornton he really wants to see and he can't.

I have to admit that ending felt abrupt. I was reading on my Kindle and when I got onto the site to write this had to double check to make sure nothing got cut off.

I did like that you brought in the fact that Lucas said he wasn't ready to start a family while pursing Elizabeth. That was like major warning signs that both Elizabeth and the show writers/producers kind of overlooked.

Glad to see Elizabet hand Nathan clearing the way to move foward again.
3/16 c1 Guest
Next chapter please
3/16 c120 Guest
Love the story. Will it continue?
3/13 c120 1westxngal
Such wise counsel from your lovely Carol to Elizabeth.
Bill will never live down his chili!
Glad Nathan was able to share more information about Peter and Carol with Elizabeth and Bill. Really love the two characters you've created in them!
You did such a beautiful job of showing how much Nathan has grown in understanding of his father and the growth he has experienced and the forgiveness and love he has extended to him.
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