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6/23 c168 2Lyannette Zoe Cullen
Love this story! Please update soon!
6/9 c168 sherried
i am loving this story and your writing. Thank you for continuing. Can't wait for the next chapters.
6/2 c168 Karen Martin
Oh, my... I know it's not legal, but , Oh, how I would love to see Bill's adoption ceremony reenacted on the screen. My eyes were blurry too, lol, especially when LJ put his hands on Bill's face. Bill reading the inscription...just the best! THANK YOU for these precious chapters. As always, your God-given gift is such a blessing to me and so many! 27 countries, I believe you said. You are touching so many hearts with these scripture and faith based stories.
6/1 c167 Karen Martin
The letter from Colleen was beautiful...Oh, my...the painting and the of the sweetest things I have ever read!
6/1 c166 Karen Martin
You have done it again, Ellie...I am crying at Nathan buying a journal for Bill to write out his life story for little Jack. Precious. I have always loved the Bill character, but you bring a little extra to his sweet, character. Jack running to Nathan yelling, "Daddy, daddy", makes my heart burst with joy! I would love to see WCTH play out these sweet scenes -including the one w/ Jack riding in the wheel chair w Ruth. Sweet Allie finally has that big family...and maybe more babies!
6/1 c165 Karen Martin
Awwww, my heart is full, with Allie's sweet idea for Bill. I also think having cake and a family celebration is just the sweetest thing too!
6/1 c168 Rene
So glad you are continuing this sweet story.
6/2 c168 Dmancill
So very well done and still hoping for many more chapters. Take care of yourself and please keep writing.
6/1 c168 9kimberly-heartie
Thank you for the chapters. I cant wait for more. I love this story.
6/1 c167 kimberly-heartie
I loved this chapter with the painting. Such a beautiful image. I hope your story keeps going to see that moment realized
6/1 c161 2westxngal
I so love that you’ve written into your story Nathan having a brother!
6/1 c168 SaSeLi777
I love all the chapters… but the adoption of Bill is a tear jerker! I love Allie’sidea, Bill’s back story, the names coincidences, etc!

Another particularly sweet chapter is Colleen’s letter and painting for Nathan! Sometimes things get ‘lost’ and showback up at precisely the right time… God’s timing isnot always understood, but itbis always perfect!

Great chapters! Love that you are continuing this story! Thank you!
4/28 c164 sherried
Loving this story. Can't wait for the next chapter.
4/26 c161 Margaret Redmon
So many things to do to get ready for this wedding. It seems they keep adding to it. Allie is a big help enjoying helping Elizabeth. This was a good chapter.
4/25 c162 Mary Ann Hudson
This chapter started out with me laughing at the telephone exchange between Florence and Elizabeth. So funny. Elizabeth talking with Joseph about her idea of humility was very touching. I'm thinking this rite will be an amends from Elizabeth to Nathan and its beautiful.
I love the dinner at the Blake's home. Allie and her relationships to both Jared and Ellie was sweet. I loved the tour that included the telescope.
Great chapter.
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