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7/4/2023 c138 sherried
Another beautiful chapter. Can't wait for the next one.
7/3/2023 c138 8Missela
Having hair out of the way of little hands of babies is important. I wore my hair up for a year or two because I had 4 baby hands to avoid. Elizabeth should have worn her hair up, too.

The party was perfect! I like that Rachel has found someone who seems to be interested in her! I like that David was happy to help, too. I liked Jack greeting Tim and their conversation. He was so happy to share who everyone was! I had to chuckle at the men getting Jack's train and village out! It was a lot of fun. oh.. the conversation between Jared and Zach! So long to wait!
7/3/2023 c138 Missela
Oh! You're killing me with changing my dream Elizabeth into a modern 1920s girl with her style in chapter 136, and now her hair in 138? Yikes. The short hair is another thing I dislike about the 1920s style. As time goes on for Fanfiction I like it best when the authors don't get into fashion so I can still imagine my characters in the long dresses, and the long hair (worn up). I'm glad she's not going to get her hair cut for a while.
7/3/2023 c137 Missela
I loved their time together, staying in, dreaming and praying for the future year. But that view of the Northern Lights was the greatest blessing of the night! I'm hoping to get an opportunity to see them when I'm in Alberta this summer.
7/3/2023 c136 Missela
I love Elizabeth's long skirt style. The long dresses are one of the largest attractions of the show for me. I'm not looking forward to the dresses getting shorter and the style of the 1920s coming in, also don't like the pants outfits for Faith and Mei. My girls take after me. The skirt I'm wearing is ankle length and they love their long dresses, too. They wear dresses every day, though they do wear pants underneath.

I enjoyed Jack's amazement!

It really does seem like they are blessed with a community here in Regina like the one in Hope Valley. It is a different setting and different people, but the same community feeling.
7/2/2023 c138 Margaret Redmon
What a power couple Nathan and Elizabeth are going to be and with Allie to be so pretty and smart and Jack to be so cute and such an eye catcher, they will be unstoppable. I could read about Jack and his conversations with everyone for a long, long time. He does have the best conversation skills, but at the same time he sounds just like a child. You do a great job writing Jack. He is just precious. Poor Jared, does have a real crush on Allie, and I think the feelings are mutual. That is a story for later in this story. Also I know you will enjoy writing about Jack when he starts to school. That should really be interesting. I really am anxious for the wedding and everyone from Hope Valley arriving on the train. I really do enjoy this story. I loved Elizabeth explaining to everyone about how all the people, both men and women worked so hard in Hope Valley and no one was jealous of anyone else. I could live in that little town and be happy. Great chapter!
7/2/2023 c135 Margaret Redmon
Oh, how I loved this chapter! I can't wait to move on the the next chapter!
7/2/2023 c138 Guest
What a great chapter. Filled with happiness, love, and optimism. Many thanks for this story.
7/2/2023 c103 185nebula2
Loved seeing Rosemary as a mother. That was a sweet little scene. Glad that her longing has been fulfilled with little Patrick.

Liked the little update with Laura and Mountie Paul and Jack's reunion with his mother was sweet. Seems he learned more and quicker about going to see Nathan than she had planned. However, that all felt very natural to me how that information came out!
7/2/2023 c138 dpmancill
I'm enjoying this so very much, the most difficult part is waiting for new chapters. Please take care of yourself and please keep writing.
7/2/2023 c135 Guest
Beautiful chapter ️
7/1/2023 c138 SaSeLi777
Wonderful chapters! For some reason, my favorite scene of the three was the conversation between Zach and Jared. I feel for both young men…
7/1/2023 c138 Karen Martin
What a treat it was to see you had updated this story! It is all so exciting to read about our beloved family and the ever growing friends they're making. I'm grateful that Pastor Canfield will hopefully be helping to marry them! Jared is quite an impressive young man for Allie. Adding the harpist to the party was lovely.
6/28/2023 c1 Guest
I love this story but it's too long between new chapters
6/26/2023 c135 4heather4cu
Loving all these plans and I hope they decide to let William throw the reception at the hotel. Also loving Zach more and more and I hope he doesn't travel far for his assignment.
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