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4/25 c161 Mary Ann Hudson
Wow. Something happening here; moving from cottage to main house, moving the elder Grants to Regina, Zach graduating from Depot, the wedding,... SO much.
Noting that several choir members want Nathan back is just adding to his distress, not to mention his shoulder is still not completely healed. Whew!
4/24 c164 Guest
Que de changement merveilleux. Hâte de voir le mariage
4/25 c164 8Missela
And they're in! Everything went according to plan. It's nice when that happens! It will be nice to have Peter back home for a bit! Carol isn't the only one who has been missing him!
4/25 c163 Missela
I enjoyed the music and the bragging about Angela! What a wonderful thought, listening to each other's heartbeat. So intimate. And the poem fit perfectly. I like how you changed it to fit 1921.
4/24 c164 SaSeLi777
Love all the chapters, Eilie! Thank you!
4/24 c164 Dmancill
So happy for this update as this is definitely one of my favorites and I can hardly wait for additional chapters. There is so much anticipation as this story evolves. Take care of yourself and please keep writing.
4/24 c164 10kimberly-heartie
I was so happy to see more chapters to this story. Keep them coming! I cant wait to read about all of hope valley arriving and the events leading up to the wedding, and them finally becoming a family
4/24 c161 8Missela
Wow! I love the idea of having a service of humility for the two of them. I haven't attended any weddings where this happened, but it sounds like a great idea. I would have liked to incorporate it into my wedding.
4/18 c160 Missela
What a moving story. I love Nathaniel Avery! What a good man he was to take in and instill his principles in one young boy.
4/18 c159 Missela
What a fun day! It went well for Bill and Nathan, even though they weren't able to have lunch together. I love how artistic Allie is. The plans for Allie's and Jack's rooms sound great. I love that Jack pointed out the smoke from a real train!
4/18 c158 Missela
The next permanent resident of Regina has arrived from Hope Valley! I loved that Jack got to watch the train unload!
4/3 c160 Beverly Ryan
I have loved each and every poem, prayer and song in each and every chapter.
Thank you for this look into Bill Avery.
Please tell me they’re will be more chapters - wedding - family.

I just started reading your work a couple of weeks ago and now don’t want it to end.

3/21 c160 2westxngal
Such a heart-rending and heart-warming special time to bond Nathan and Bill even closer.
3/21 c159 westxngal
What a beautiful love letter from Adeli, and the reminders she left are perfect. So looking forward for them to be brought back together!
I forgot to mention a few chapters back that I love that Archie calls her Ruthie.
Loved Jack being the tour guide for Bill!
3/21 c158 westxngal
I’m so glad you are delving into Bill’s past. The intro made meeant to cry for him. And “God Moves in a Mysterious Way” is a favorite of mine.
What special gifts! I don’t know how you come up with such great gift ideas!
LOVE that Bill brought them them the plaque!
Yay! Adeli left a note and gift!
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