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for Beyond What We Could Dream

3/21 c157 2westxngal
What a sweet reaction of Jack to Allie’s tears of joy.
Loved Jon’s teasing to Nathan about his and Zachary’s looks.
I’d never heard of “The Land of Counterpane.” What a delightful poem!
Lovely picture of their future life together!
3/11 c157 8Missela
What a good Sunday it has been. Especially with dreams coming true! Everything is falling into place!
3/11 c156 Missela
What happiness the move of Archie and Ruthie is giving them! God does work in marvelous ways!
3/9 c160 S jones
Have much enjoyed reading "beyond what we could dream" ending with chapter 160
I imagine that there will be further chapters as nathan and Elizabeth have yet to marry. Certainly hope so. With sincere thanks.
3/7 c157 Margaret Redmon
What a great chapter and what fun it was to read. Nathan is getting more and more excited and so many good, fun things are happening. I an so happy for Nathan's parents to move and live in the cottage.
3/5 c155 Missela
Yes, Allie, that's what it means!

What a wonderfully full chapter. I'm excited for Lee and Rosemary!
3/5 c154 Missela
What beautiful intimacy and talk of intimacy. I love how Rosemary was worried about Lee and how Elizabeth gave the example of Mom and Dad. This move will be a big adjustment for them.
3/1 c153 Missela
That went well. How wonderful for Nathan to be back at work. Even if it is shorter days. I'm glad that things seem to be working out for Lee. I love that prayer Nathan left him with. I had to chuckle at Rosemary sitting in the same spot as Bill, Elizabeth, and Jack. Leave it to Rosemary!
2/28 c160 Guest
How I love this story ️Bill had me in tears. Just brilliantly written. ️
2/27 c160 Karen Martin
I love how you interjected the humor of Nathan praying to God he could drink Bill's coffee at such a serious moment. I really appreciate a glimpse into Bill's youth and how he came to be the man we admire and love. Bill's account of Nate and why he was drawn to Nathan was simply lovely and has me tearing up. God certainly gifted you. Thank you so much for all your hard work on these wonderful stories you gift us with.
2/27 c85 Guest
After reading your story until this chapter,i choose to comment now,and i just looove your can't imagine the huge smile i had on my face when Elisabeth had her breakdown because Nathan was leaving,and for her to réalise what she had have really gone into details and made her apologize for everything,your story is so fascinating. I wished we could see this in Season 11,things should not be easy for Elisabeth.
2/29 c160 Ann Power-Wolfe
Oh dear of my favorite people! So many life changes for so many in this story, Hope Valley will be lost without Bill, Rosemary and Lee just as they have been lost without Nathan, Allie, Little Jack and Elizabeth! Loving this story as always! Have a wonderful week! Hugs for you dear Eilie!
2/27 c156 2westxngal
Loved Nathan and Jack baking together!
And what thrilling news from Archie & Ruth! The Grant community is growing up around them! Love it!
2/27 c160 SaSeLi777
Beautiful background on Bill!
2/25 c158 Karen Martin
Bill! It's very exciting to get more background info on Bill! Sweet friends and gifts of love...
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