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2/24 c157 Karen Martin
Nathan and Jack making dessert together was heart warming. Allie's reaction to her grandparents moving to Regina and her prayers answered for more family was most touching.
2/24 c156 Karen Martin
Aw, my heart is full...I LOVE that Nathan's parents are going to live in the cottage and work for Lee. Lee and Peter are precious, generous men. Thank you for this!
2/26 c160 Dmancill
Really enjoying this journey and hoping there are many more chapters to come. Take care of yourself and please keep writing.
2/26 c160 kcemmy2006
I never thought about Bill not having an origin story before! He has the backstory, but nothing beyond… great job giving us this believable connection!
2/24 c155 2westxngal
Beautiful chapter! Excited about LeeRosie’s furniture store plans! And it was really good to hear from Peter.
2/22 c151 westxngal
Excuting to have the Coulters moving to Regina, yet I can understand Elizabeth’s hesitation. I’m sure it will all work out, but I feel sad for those left in HV.
2/19 c155 Margaret Redmon
Great chapters. It is so nice to have you back.!
2/18 c155 Karen Martin
I enjoyed these two new chapters immensely-such a treat to see them on the website! I loved Nathan saying that line about their prayers seemed to be saying No, but it was really Wait! So much joy and excitement for these characters. My heart is happy that Rosemary and Lee (and Patrick) are moving to Regina. I just couldn't bear to see Rosemary without little Jack and Elizabeth close by. Sweet Lee is offering so many opportunities for Rosemary, Allie, and Nathan to shine with their talents too in his new business. You make these characters seem like family friends and that's a very special gift from God. Thank you as always. :)
2/18 c155 Dmancill
Thank you for new chapters. I'm very invested in this story and can't wait for more. So very glad things have settled down a bit for you now. Take care of yourself and please keep writing.
2/16 c152 8Missela
I'm loving these wedding plans! I'm already tearing up envisioning it!

I like how they figured out a way to let Elizabeth and Nathan spend time together. They need it.
2/13 c151 Missela
How wonderful to have Lee and Rosemary there and now to move there. I'm glad that Elizabeth shared her joy and hesitation about the situation with Nathan. Well, the good man was able to put it into words for her!
1/30 c152 Mary Ann Hudson
I love the parental advice regarding Elizabeth's concerns about Lee and Rosemary moving to Regina. Their benevolence is felt through their offering Elizabeth's apartment to the Coulters, and later in the chapter of Wiiiams offer to Nathan of the hotel suite for privacy and the Pullman car to start their honeymoon.

I loved Grace's brilliant idea of taking the Coulters on a tour of the town and lunch out so that Elizabeth and Nathan could have some alone time to plan their wedding and honeymoon.

Another great chapter.
1/30 c151 Mary Ann Hudson
Oh my, what a jam packed chapter! The arrival of the Coulters and their possible move was a surprise and Elizabeth's reservation is real. I sure hope Rosemary doesn't hone in on E's and N's togetherness.

Everything about the Cadets going to the retirement home to interact with the retired Mounties is a beautiful idea.

Tim wanting to meet Rosemary brought a smile to my face, and both Tim and Wes making sure Nathan is recovering fully, something Nathan has a hard time with, also made me chuckle.

Your descriptions of the places and the emotions used in the chapter are outstanding. I love your writing. Thanks so much for continuing this story.
1/28 c153 Guest
Thank you, loving this story. Can't wait for the next chapter. Love from Cape Town South Africa ️
1/20 c153 Rene
Sorry for all you have had to deal with. Glad you are back writing again.
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