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6/21 c11 Guest
Wouldn't Artemis as a goddess of hunting be more respectful of animals and aim all her shots to kill the animal as fast as possible? Like why would she shoot the boars in the back instead of a vital area like an actual hunter
6/12 c12 mogeett4
6/7 c12 GokuSS400
Ancalagon the black…i see what you did there. And may the stars shine over our meeting…
5/21 c12 Prince of Azure Wolf
Please update you are my favorite author. You are the only reason I am still on the site, so please don't end this wonderful story.
5/21 c1 dkainallen
i doubt the shinto will fade with how they still are worshiped today nd even ave festivals to celebrate them so this as stupid
5/21 c12 RoboCaptain
I really enjoyed this chapter. I like how you had it that he is not alone and that you have given him a dragon companion to help him
5/19 c12 Awkward level
literature of the finest order, we are blessed
5/12 c12 Guest
Honestly seeing Naruto try to rebuild the shinto mythology is actually really interesting to think about especially if you decided to use characters from other media to fill in certain spots of myths
5/12 c12 Guest
Great chapter can’t wait for the next one
5/11 c12 qalleesyawesome
great chapter ! never would have expected that to happen ! thanks for updating !
5/11 c12 Guest
Hellllllllllll yeaaaaaaaaa
5/10 c12 biob1
That was nice to see
5/9 c12 xXwolfsterXx644
Incredible chapter dude Naruto managed to help izanami be free and got a new power definitely Can't wait for the next update
5/9 c12 NarutoManiac2400
5/9 c12 PoisonPen37
I see that LOTR reference. Great chapter!
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