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for The Last Shinto Kami

5/9 c12 NarutoManiac2400
5/9 c12 PoisonPen37
I see that LOTR reference. Great chapter!
5/9 c12 1Guardian of the Inheritance
Great job keep it up!
5/9 c12 Derpysense
I liked this chapter
5/9 c12 Unnatural Reader
Lovely chapter, an absolutely brilliant choice going to Yomi. Also nice LOTR reference with Ancalagon the Black, such a dope beast in the lore.

Keep up the good work
5/9 c12 Darth Kyuubi kurama
Great chapter as always
5/9 c12 2SpecOfGenius
Not going to lie, I usually check my follows page organized by date updated everyday or two.
5/9 c12 dlowe2651
fucking awesome update again soon
5/8 c12 Scorpions1617
Genial gracias por el cap
5/8 c12 Guest
More please
5/8 c12 Guest02957
Awesome story! I love how you had Amaterasu think that Minato and Kushina would make excellent parents for Naruto in her stead. I also love how you had Naruto help Leto with her curse by creating a floating island. Will the Olympians realize that Naruto is the Last Shinto Kami in the future? Will Naruto demonstrate how powerful he is to the Olympians in the future? These are just suggestions since this is your story and you can write it however you want.

Anyway, awesome story and keep up the great work!
5/8 c12 naruto8764210storyreader
damn a dragon? not expected!
5/8 c12 1Umbra Lycan
fantastic chapter, glad to see this update, loved the bonding of naruto and izunami, and him bonding with ancalagon, keep up the great work
5/8 c12 bednarczykmiki
Wonder who the other gods of the rebuilt Shinto Pantheon will be
5/8 c12 1DireWolf1412
I like what you did with Izanami, a lot of people forget the only reason she became spiteful is because she was betrayed by her husband and forgotten by her children, also i like your idea of multiple shinigami instead of just one.
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