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for The Last Shinto Kami

5/8 c12 1DireWolf1412
I like what you did with Izanami, a lot of people forget the only reason she became spiteful is because she was betrayed by her husband and forgotten by her children, also i like your idea of multiple shinigami instead of just one.
5/8 c12 Crimson Riot 01
Súper cook
5/8 c12 Elythepie
New chapter yayy0/*
5/8 c12 Its.Mitch.O
Really enjoyed this chapter. Can’t wait for the next one.
5/8 c12 5Tenma Sosei
Suggestion/Idea for Naruto's flames. When enraged his flames turn black and eat everything similar to Kurama's V1 acidic chakra cloak. And when he's mastered it you could make it blue or gold that can burn his enemies, but heal people.
5/8 c12 Saher Mahmoud
This is absolutely beautiful
5/8 c12 32Spyash2
This was an awesome chapter. It was well worth the wait!
5/8 c12 pau456
If Naruto is keen on rebuilding the forces of the shinto pantheon, will he introduce ninja clans from the Naruto world to japan? Since everything ends up in Yomi, he could maybe transplant them after Yomi is rebuild.

Anyway a great chapter, i cant wait for more!
5/8 c12 dan.lew.upg
5/8 c12 albernjimenez40
Great chapter
5/8 c12 monkiepawn
Damn, you really went for BIG for your dragon, if you wanted powerful maybe Alduin(Lore) would be your pick, but really, who wants the universe to end?

Good chapter, and nice touch with the injustice, now save Arachne from her ego(and Athena) and Medusa from Poseidon(and Athena) to keep fixing the injustice.
5/8 c12 marioluciosemedo
Is it correct to voew Harmony mode as the devine equivalent to Sage mode?
When you were first describing the kappa I thought it was going to be Isobu, which makes me wonder if we're going to get any version, or mention, of the Biju!?
Will there be any more Shinto artifacts like beads or accessories?
5/8 c12 Srecko
Love the chapter, can't wait for more.
5/8 c12 Travis99
Tier one sounds interesting, and I wanna hear more about Naruto rebuilding his pantheon
5/8 c12 Raikiri789
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