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7/13/2022 c1 32IndigoSnake16
This was a beautiful little one-shot. I love anything involving our favorite makeshift family. I was just revisiting Xenosaga and Juli, MOMO, and Ziggy interactions are probably my favorite thing about the series.

Now for a little critique just in case you were looking to improve your writing:
The dialogue was very easy to follow which is a plus, but your writing often got a little monotonous when it came to describing character actions. I know it must have felt awkward describing every minute detail about making pasta. My advice would be to only detail things that are pertinent for the overall story. That's difficult to do as well and I've been guilty of making some missteps in my own writing.

Just to reiterate, it was a pleasure reading your story and I hope you write more of them if you have the time or even make a chaptered story. I'd be down to read it!

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