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for I wanted to make you proud

11/18/2022 c4 Guest
I’m so curious on the deal that Ichika and Madoka struck! Great premise though and even better execution so far
8/21/2022 c3 DrHellsing
Its good you damn nerd
7/11/2022 c3 Forest1395101
Not bad, but is it dead?
6/7/2022 c3 Ghostly
Reading this story while listening to songs such as “I’m so Sorry” by Nico Collins or “Evelyn Evelyn” by Evelyn Evelyn makes it even more enjoyable.
5/26/2022 c3 Ghostly
Will there also be a files & records of his frequent “secret” visits the Academy’s infirmary because of the injuries the girls have inflicted upon him to further drive the reality of what they’ve inadvertently & excessively done to him, No matter how much they tried to deny it? Let’s be honest, no one can survive that much force of punishment outside of an I.S. without injuries.
5/16/2022 c2 Ghostly
When is the next update?
Do we get to see the reactions of others when the truth revealed, realizing that each one of them are responsible for his suffering & deteriorating self-esteem?
5/13/2022 c2 Ghostly
More chapters please.
5/5/2022 c2 Ghostly
By any chance did Ichika, in light of his kidnapping, had decided to train in hand-to-hand combat, knife combat, and firearms?
5/5/2022 c2 21Blitz12
Can't wait for the upcoming wincest. xD
4/28/2022 c1 1Tatsumi Partas
Hehehe already good

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