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for Naruto the Breeder Demon

8/14 c19 Guest
continue updating this pls
its rly good
7/21 c1 Rononono
a weird thing is that months pass after lemons that characters are said to be impregnated by yet they simply aren't pregnant?
7/19 c1 guest
everyone in the comments stop complaining and enjoy your porn
7/20 c4 Rononono
bruh why the hell is it switching between 3rd and 2nd person lol
7/6 c10 Brother V
6/2 c19 Anton Vlasov
Блин это не интересно во всех одно и тоже Цунаде побеждает Наруто с одного щелбана .
5/30 c19 Estex71
This is great, I really look forward to the next, keep going bro.
5/10 c1 volcasiron30
is good to see this backup again I got worried when it was deleted and thank you MaplePome for continue this story for us to continue to enjoying it and find out what happened before it was deleted.
4/30 c5 Guest
You might want to fix the first and fifth chapters cause the writing is all in the middle.
Either way I cant wait for more
4/30 c1 trichonz
The only bad thing I hsve to say about this is that it’s kid too unrealistic. I get thst it’s a fanfic but it’s just to the point where is so unrealistic thst is not enjoyable to read anymore
4/30 c1 6Bhuvan Nagaraj.D
or sister(i don't know)
4/30 c1 Bhuvan Nagaraj.D
keep going brother
4/28 c1 darkwolfz
good to see it back up

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