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1/20 c4 12Dulcet Shoujo
omg omg omg i never saw this update ;A; here is me reviewing *checks watch* 3 months late

Gosh, the scene with Gohan and Trunks fighting over Marron's fear of heights brought insurmountable stress to me LOL. Trunks was really sweet though, expected from his Future counterpart to behave that way though ((cue me clutching my chest when he held her a little tighter))

Videl is alive?! I actually love that, and I'm wondering if she too knows about Marron's lineage somehow. I'm sure Bulma might now, also Haruto most definitely is a major [REDACTED] initially I thought it was going to be Mai just due to the fact she has a rifle haha, I do wonder though if she has some knowledge we don't know about. Regardless I'm still hooked!
11/17/2022 c4 6JogreMyOgre
So glad to see this pop up again! Chapter didn't disappoint either. Your character writing is so fantastic; I'm always left wanting more if it!
5/20/2022 c3 JogreMyOgre
Loving this so far. Pretty much everything I look for in a fanfiction. Prose is clean; never had to struggle to understand what's happening. I really like the creativity, writing a unique story as opposed to the typical "DBZ, but what if Goku's shoes were brown instead of blue" (Not that there's anything wrong with those kinds of fanfictions). Also, the story telling itself is superb; it invested me by the first chapter. It's rare to have both quality and substance in DBZ fanfiction, so thanks for crafting this art.

Final score: Product is long lasting, durable, waterproof.
5/15/2022 c3 6MarronChestnut
Dang Marron and Krillin’s relationship got me sad, I could tell it was sweet but ultimately short lived. Really like how Marron is written, like she knows her role and is laying low until she can make a move.
Also I like the late night updates lol •
5/15/2022 c2 MarronChestnut
Ahhh Trunks seems so sweet, its gonna be so sad when he finds out about Marron.
5/13/2022 c3 12Dulcet Shoujo
Woo! Another update! I was actually refreshing my email hoping for it to pop up LOL. Part of my heart is breaking for Marron, Krillin probably knew that 18 wouldn't "hurt" her per se? But I am curious, how Marron is going to fare in the other side of the trenches, it seems like Gohan knew about Marron for a while (obviously, must be why he saved/kidnapped her).

This is like a nasty custody battle... (/j! it's much worse, since it's life or death) Marron, much like the rest of society around this time, probably had some trauma that hadn't been resolved especially with the looming threat of the androids still at large. I am curious how 18 feels about everything, sure, she may be desensitized to death, but she still carried Marron to love and presumably had feelings that were likely strong for Krillin, part of me imagines she was battling with her programming to kill and human side.

Your description for the next chapter has me eyeing it realllyyyy curiously :pp Is it strange that I picture the bunker kind of like the District 13 bunker in the hunger games o.o and yess I did change my DN a few years back ! ahah. Not sure if you have thought about it but you should definitely cross-post on AO3!

Loved the chapter and I can't wait for more!
5/6/2022 c2 Dulcet Shoujo
Holy shit that was intense...

Marron idk if taking a sleeping Saiyan's sword is the best thing to do, especially to hurt Gohan of all people. TBH tho, Marron gives me the vibe that she will not be strong enough to pull through and do it. From the sounds of it, she must be emotionally abused if she thinks her uncle would just walk all over her and crush her bones :( That truly made me sooo sad, especially the way Marron sees herself as disposable

Trunks is such a sweetheart, poor kid doesn't know he's with the Android spawn yet LOL but him giving his jacket to her and the size difference between them Im curious about Krillin!? How did that go and where is he/what happened to him? I wonder if Gohan knows who her dad is, and in that case if Bulma does too

absolutely loved this update! would love to see more
5/6/2022 c1 Dulcet Shoujo gosh, okay. Immediately my heart is PUMPING for this poor girl. Yeah, 18 and 17 may be genocidal killbots but Marron, your survival skills are going to be put to the testtttttt. I'm wondering what Gohan's motive for kidnapping Marron is, I mean, clearly he isn't using Marron against the androids so hmmm

There's always a motive. But I am absolutely hooked *imagine side eye emojis here* on to the next one!
4/29/2022 c1 6MarronChestnut
I was doing homework and randomly saw the notification for this story lol. Anyways nice first chapter, I can already sense the drama ahead.

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