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11/21/2022 c1 Maetirta
Your story is interesting! I skipped most of the making out part and read the others just because I wanna see wholesome relationship between them. I thought I won't see any of it bcs most M-rated fanfics are like that, but you proved me wrong! I like the part when Kaworu finally noticed Asuka's feeling about Shinji and Rei, or when he felt like messing up with Asuka in the middle of their 'activity'. And last but not least, Kaworu is totally in character!
You've done a good job. I love this!
4/29/2022 c1 Guest
You should continue with this story to see how far it gets due as you said this pairing is so underrated and has a lot of potential
4/29/2022 c1 BlueAstroids
Eh, I wouldn't worry about those virtual wannabe-jannies who post those "you violated teh rules11!111" 'reviews', they're frauds that spam those reviews on all stories, especially Catspats. They have no power over you, nor are they a moderator.

Now to the story: It was hot, and I think Kaworu X Asuka is underrated.

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