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for Humphrey The Vicious Lone Wolf (Rewritten and Continued)

5/18/2023 c12 5Lone Fire
Great story can't wait for the next chapter love the chaos and violence hopefully humphrey survives the poison
7/18/2022 c12 troygroomes9398
please continue this, I would like to know if Humphrey survived and if kate is pregnant
7/13/2022 c12 2L0RD3N
Quite a cool story so far :D
I really like Humphrey's development across the chapters, and finally turning his back to Demon to side with his friends. Also Leonidas Ex Machina was really cool, loved the final fight!

Just one thing, in the first 5 chapters, I kinda felt the lack of punctuation signs, maybe it's just me, but I really think it gives more soul to the dialogue, and you can hear the dialogue better in you head, but eh, maybe that's just me.
Excited to see the next chapters, good luck you three :D

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