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for Delenda Est -- Rebooted

14h c1 FrostyBehemoth
And im done, i dont know how many times ou want to let people get the drop on this guy, but there fucking spells and wards that people use to fucking protect themselves, there rooms and their stuff. You have had people sneaking up on him, waking him up, and braking into his room.

This guy has literally just come from a war-torn world where he woukd have had to be looking iver his shoulders at all times.

I honestly dont guve to fuck about you excuses. you've failed this story. Your main character is a weak, pathetic, idotic man who can't do anything himself. Literally not one thing he has done himself.

Fuck you for writting what i thought was going to be an anazing story and crushing all my expectations in a fat pile of shit.

And fuck every commenter that has left a review that allowed ny to think this story was readable.

your main character is fucking pathetic, can't do any research for himself, cant out duel a 16 year old girl, can't make any decisions by himself, and is completley dependent on a teenage girl for all things.

There are just so many things wrong with this book, if you want to PM me i can go through them with you, but fuck me if you haven't fucked this whole thing.
15h c9 FrostyBehemoth
Why is this Harry so fucking shit? his duel with Bellatrix was pathetic. Apparently he NEEDS bella for spells and knowledge, but dude this is a guy who spent YEARS! on the run and fighting and surviving. And yet all we get is a weak fucking dumbass. His not preparing at all, not trying to get stronger or more knowledgable. His not trying to get allies, What the fuck is he doing!

His literally sitting around doing jack shit on a nice little vacation. Fuck you.
4/10 c17 7ianramos22
Keep writing love it
4/10 c17 DVanduker
This is an excellent read. I think the character development and plot motivations are well done. I've enjoyed reading very much. I do hope you have plans to finish the reboot story.
3/28 c7 Guest
Welp this story has turned into a pile of shit. Harry has been turned into a pathetic oxygen wasting whiny loser. What a waste of time.
3/15 c17 1Surthum
I've thoroughly enjoyed this fic up until this chapter. Thank you! I'd like to see more fights between the Dark Lord and Harry, though.
3/13 c17 15Valirys Reinhald
Delightful as always. I must admit to being surprised when Harry and Bellatrix's daughters from another timeline showed up last chapter, but you’ve set a multiversal precedent before with Para Bellum, so it's not out of plausibility. That said, I am somewhat concerned with how that implication may snowball. If they intervene, it undermines Harry and Bellatrix's narrative. If they don't, it begs the question of why the original Harry Ashworth and Bellatrix are letting this timeline go unaided.

Excited as always, thanks for writing.
3/13 c17 Gfeldman
Every chapter of this reboot has been thuroughly captivating. Im so excited for what comes next.
3/10 c17 MiddleMist's Red Camellia
Harry's interactions with Abraxas and the elder Blacks are one of my favourites. Will they be as close friends as they were in the original? Maybe this time they actually get to know who Harry actually is. That would be fun.
3/6 c17 mcwjimbo
Yay another chapter so soon. Enjoyable as always. I vote BOTH...orion and Cygnus both right Harry gave order to finish it as well as bella might have noticed them & especially Abrasax trying to interfere with her love life.
3/4 c17 astolfo83
Interesting as always. I look forward to the next.
3/4 c17 1ChaoticVortex
You spoiled us, Silvere, 2 chapters, back to back? Dont even bother buying me dinner first!
3/4 c17 3grovepjp
3/4 c17 Maheshvara10
nice work
3/3 c16 Shalk Zailackar
I posted a review for chapter 17 about the triplets and speculating who they were and how they're connected to Harry and Bellatrix.

After reading some of the reviews I realized that the 3 sisters were from the Parabellum story. I haven't had the pleasure of reading that story yet but I remember liking the premise when I read the summary.

Now knowing who they are and how they are related to Harry makes the last couple chapters even better. It will be interesting to see if they make future appearances and if Harry or Bellatrix will discover their connection to them.

Violets comment about a test of probability also makes a lot more sense now. I think she was talking about the probability of Harry Bellatrix getting together based on Alternate Dimensions where they have gotten together romantically.

I am also curious to know who the supposed coach was for Saint Infernicus and if something actually happened to her or if they triplets were just making an excuse for why they didn't have a chaperone. The way they talked made it seem like they skipped out from somebody's supervision that was in charge of them. Definitely showing some of the characteristics I would expect from Children of Harry and Bellatrix.
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