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for Uncle Raditz, What's Fun?

2/3/2023 c1 4Itherael
I didn't realize that Raditz had so much uncle potantional(lol), then again, we also had Picoro. Good and funny interactions, Raditz and Gohan are fun together. Good job.
5/19/2022 c1 Freedmoon
Hahahahaha, now i just imagine the beginning of DBZ but instead of Raditz going to his capsule to wait and brood for a bit like the evil saiyan he is, just bring Gohan to explore the whole world or smt because the guy is familly and after his entire life of being bullied after losing his father he just gives the excuse of scouting the world to see its value as a day out with familly.
One hell of a kidnapping (plus the whole time Piccolo and Goku behind them flying "for kami's sake stop flying away")
5/5/2022 c1 28daughterofrisingsun
Cute story so far! Looking forward to what else you come up with for this.

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