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9/22 c59 George Cristian810
While the story it is interesting , the harry potter part is missing . This is not a crossover , it is a story about jon snow with magic powers .
9/14 c55 et-reader97
Great chapter, I have to say I really like the part when the small folk helped out during the attack on Shireen and rickon. It's a nice touch where the detail really heightens the story and shows not only how much the people love Shireen but different levels of reaction time between people with the training for combat and regular people. Also the fact that the small folk who helped was a nice touch as well.
9/13 c59 Mr-Luca-Wolf
I enjoyed the ride
9/12 c15 Mr-Luca-Wolf
Im really hoping he stayed king of the north and does not go fir the iron troon
9/11 c59 Guest
I just want to say thank you! Really enjoyed this story and I appreciate all the hard work and dedication that went into creating it.
9/9 c59 3grovepjp
9/7 c5 Kamori I'm The Infinity
Yep, I still hate Ransey
9/7 c4 Kamori I'm The Infinity
Hahahahaha yes, that was absurd. That Baelish managed to move all those Knights without anyone knowing, it was incredible
9/7 c3 Kamori I'm The Infinity
The part about Gods and penises made me laugh XD.
9/7 c1 Kamori I'm The Infinity
And behold... reading again this gem
9/5 c59 Mari Wollsch
SUPER DUPER GREAT! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
9/4 c59 Estelle Uzumaki
I loved this story and can't wait to read the next one you might write.
9/4 c59 1GideonBlackthorn
i loved this fic from beginning to end, and it's going to be one of my fics that is a must to re read every few months.
9/3 c59 Angeloux
Thank you for the amazing story! I’m happy that there’s still fanfiction authors who take the time to write well done stories. Thank you for the time you spent on this and continuing it to the end.
9/3 c59 rmw5763
Thank You so very much. I've loved this story from the beginning, appreciate you Not abandoning it.
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