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for Dobby's Devotion

12/19/2022 c1 SunPho3n1x
I loved it! Thanks for writing this! It was great
11/24/2022 c1 22stevem1
Nice little story about a proactive Dobby.
11/13/2022 c1 kase519
Good job Dobby
10/9/2022 c1 Grosvenor
Good one! Loved it! Well done!
10/3/2022 c1 1Butterfly Queen 123456
This was soo cute. I love Dobby.
8/29/2022 c1 kittyjel4123
This is wonderful! Dobby is the best!
6/2/2022 c1 Latarra
5/24/2022 c1 Linda
Simply love it
5/14/2022 c1 49Polydicta
Niiice. (as in precise and well crafted).
5/10/2022 c1 4starie78

How about a sequel where Dobby gets Kreacher to join him and with Harry's help they destroy the locket.
5/9/2022 c1 BigGuySD
Great story… I really like Dobby working behind the scenes. I know you have it as a one chapter complete work but I hope you would continue the story. I wonder, was Dobby born as the seven month closes, maybe the prophecy is about him, of maybe he is the power the dark lord knows not. Thank you for sharing!
5/7/2022 c1 dianaanne
Enjoyed the story
5/7/2022 c1 p0963835557
Wow, this is so wonderful.

I also wish that Dobby can also live with Harry Potter, as Harry's advisor and another guardian.

It's just like ~~~ in the anime Sailor Moon, Usagi has Luna and Minako has Artemis !!!
5/6/2022 c1 bkerrmom1
I love this story sooooo much !
5/5/2022 c1 3mcepl
After some time ploughing through all those Amazing and Wonderful becomes a bit boring, but otherwise great job as always!
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