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3/18 c36 Guest
My shattered nerves. Brilliant chapter as always. ️
3/17 c36 Donna Barr Krolewski
Goodness I read these chapters so fast (because I need to know what’s going on), that I had to go back and read them much much slower. What a great writer you are and what a great story this is…soooo intense. I look forward to more. ️
3/17 c36 dpmancill
You said it-still a cliffhanger and yes, we, or at least I, are/am anxiously awaiting further chapters. Take care of yourself and please keep writing.
3/17 c36 Ann Power-Wolfe
I hope Nathan is there when Lucas and Jeanette hear all the charges that are brought against them and sees them led away to prison for the rest of their lives! That might give him some relief after all the emotional pain Lucas has caused Nathan! I hope Charlotte and Tom become a permanent part of where everyone is living...I know everyone is not in the same place right now (Hope Valley) but hopefully they will all end up there permanently! I will be waiting and watching for the next chapters! Hugs!
3/17 c36 Guest
Hâte de lire la suite
3/16 c36 Guest
Eat a cliffhanger! But surely Elizabeth will be fine
3/16 c36 Margaret Redmon
As I read near the end I chuckled to myself and said out loud, Oh No, how could you. Then I just had to laugh, even though I was so hurt that Elizabeth was shot. I wasn't expecting this cliff hanger, but I know you won't let Elizabeth die, so I'm not too worried. I am amazed that she jumped in front of Nathan because she promised she would protect Nathan so he could be there for Allie. Only a mother's love would make her do that. If Nathan ever doubted that she loved Allie, he knows now that she does. I know Nathan is so happy to have her with him, even though she is shot. They will quickly have her at the hospital and she can get the help she so desperately needs. I'll be watching for the next chapters, I'm so anxious to read them. Your writing is amazing. I'm so excited to read these chapters. Thank you for writing.
3/16 c36 Guest
What an intense chapter! Please don't make us wait to long for another.
3/16 c36 7Missela
Yay! The Bouchards are captured! I love that Elizabeth was ready to sacrifice everything for Nathan. Thank you for letting us know that there are no character deaths. That means that Elizabeth will pull through and will survive! I'm on the edge of my seat each time I read this chapter! Well done!
3/15 c35 dpmancill
Yes, the suspense is palpable. Trying to keep up with all the N&E stories and hoping for many more chapters and many more N&E stories. Take care of yourself and please keep writing.
3/13 c35 Karen Martin
Nerve-wrecking but exciting chapter! Breathing a sigh of relief that they are gone in the truck now!
3/13 c35 Guest
Great that Charlotte. Elizabeth and the others wiped out their attackers!
3/13 c35 BeccaKay64
Really love ALL of your stories, though I will be glad to get past the kidnap storyline! Thanks!
3/13 c35 Pauline Ramage
Exciting and thrilling. I read just about all your stories. You should be writing for a certain tv show a whole season in just one of your stories you are greatly talented
3/13 c35 Ann Power-Wolfe
thank goodness they were able to escape from the cabin and get away...hopefully they will all end up at the same place, and they will be able to intercept Lucas and his wife and put them in jail where they belong! I will be waiting and watching for the next chapters!
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