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for Fallen Through the Cracks

5/25/2022 c3 1erstereindruckhochnaesigezicke
This story has been super interesting so far I love it! I'm really excited to see how you'll continue the plot, love your writing style.
5/15/2022 c2 3Mercury'sShadow
Great chapter! Well written and definitely caught me by surprise that the bouresh are protecting the clones from Obi-Wan. Poor Obi-wan can't seem to get a break though. He saves the village and he's still the bad guy. Great suspense!
5/14/2022 c1 Random Reviewer
This is a captivating beginning to a nice, exciting story.

I absolutely love your writing style, by the way. I've read all of your Star Wars stories and I think they're all very well done.
Keep writing!

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