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for Wraith on the ocean

9/24 c1 montykinomovie
9/19 c1 2Lazy limits
Excellent point, when it comes to money I’m highly inconsistent, it’s not used for much in the story so I can’t really tell what prices are like.
9/17 c2 Guest
I think you're a bit too inflated with the wages at Baratie.
5 million for a regular shift? Does water cost 500,000 a glass?
The average bounty in East Blue is 3 million.
Great story though i just think you need to brush up on your maths.
7/3 c4 NoaRien
Great job loved it thanks for all your hard work
6/26 c3 NoaRien
Great job loved it thanks for all your hard work
6/9 c1 Lazy limits
Next chapter will be out by June 19th or on that day. I know taking me hella long for no reason but I took a 2 week break after graduation so I’m working on it now. I’m like 5000 words in at the moment so maybe I get it done by this Sunday but we’ll see.
5/20 c2 PraiseTheSun63
Damn did not expect you to change the devil fruit for the girl. At least it makes more sense. Back to waiting for the next chapter.
5/7 c1 PraiseTheSun63
This chapter is significantly better than the original chapter 1. I’m kinda surprised you changed Kosamo from the original into Kosami. It’s an interesting change and this one feels better since you put in descriptions and had much more interactions. Also she’s showing up again later, not that Kosamo was bad but Kosami is really good.
5/7 c1 PraiseTheSun63
Good to see you’re back. Haven’t read the chapter yet but I’ll let you know what I think when I’m done with it.

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