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for Daughter of Harry Does Different

5h c109 Fallow60
xxxxX. Kudos Xxxxx. : )
15h c109 19MelodyPotterSnape
I mean I feel like by this time I understand Harry not trusting any of them. Hagrid assaulted a child his age for something his uncle said. Hagrid permanently disfigured this child forcing him to have surgery in response. Hagrid after assaulting a child tells Harry to keep silent.( Could be seen as a threat). During their diagon visit Hagrid reveals he has gotten Harry's key of a vault full of money from a man he has never met. Hagrid then takes him back to the muggles he enraged and assaulted basically leaving Harry in what could have been an extremely dangerous situation.

The potions professor the behaves in an extremely unprofessional way. Repeatedly brings up an orphan's dead parent and insults that dead parent. Snape then abuses his power as an authority figure to insult and taunt a child. Then he punishes and insults that child for not monitoring another child's assignment on top of his own. And punishes him a beginner for not being an expert in the subject because he didn't also predict how Neville potion was going to react to wrong ingredients. Also he finds out this is normal behavior from Snape and as such there is no way his bosses don't know how he acts

Now he comes in and the deputy of a school admits they are hiding the connection a grown man that has been sleeping in the same room as him has to him. And then that same deputy ignores as her potions professor once again taunts and belittles a child right in front of her. This once again proves that he has their permission to act this way. Lol
2/19 c109 Hands Off MY Wolfie
Who knew the Minnie in her feline form had such a craving for rats? Percy isn't showing so well in this scene, pontificating instead of thinking like a smart student or prefect.

Peter's life of leisure appears to be over. lol

Looks like Harry may be hearing some of his history - very soon.

Thanks for sharing and take care of yourself.
2/19 c109 190Luiz4200
Funny way for Peter Pettigrew to be exposed.
2/19 c109 cameron1812
Looking forward to the sequel, and i love the brush with which you paint Percy here (not a percy hater at all, its just a cool setup).
2/19 c109 Noble Korhedron
Love this version of Harry; angry, not prepared to be spoon-fed, and fully prepared to snap at people if he has a reason...
2/19 c108 Noble Korhedron
Hated this one, sorry; the reasons why should be obvious.
2/19 c109 201Marcus Rowland
And now she knows for sure she screwed up.
2/19 c109 Ep
Bonne continuation
2/19 c109 magitech
Shocking that McGonagall is actually acting like a responsible adult and teacher for once though she still lets that murdering terrorist get away with verbally assaulting a student and defaming a war hero.

Have to wonder why no one ever complained about Percy (and later Ron) bringing a Rat as a pet since it's not on the list of approved pets.
2/19 c109 StrongGuy159
Cool chapter continue please.
2/19 c109 28Kairan1979
I always wondered why the cat animagus never noticed anything odd about 'Scabbers'. Crookshanks realized it immediately.
2/19 c109 3Deathmvp
Nice work.

Is it sad that this story for some reason gave me the mental image of Miverva turning back into a human with a Bloody human Peter being held buy the neck (cat bit and killed rat) awhile the kids run out yelling about a Vampire.
2/19 c109 38polarbear20000
Poor Percy. Gobsmacked, he is.

If the name is Remus Lupin, it would be pretty expected. Minerva McGonagall would know *many* people, and I wouldn't be surprised if she pulled a name out of her hat that AD wouldn't expect.

Also, if you do another series like these, what about the name being "Step-niece of Harry Does Different" or something similar? That could be the really dark ones. ;)
2/19 c109 sparky40sw
this being revealed 1st day of classes would deeply affect the next 7 years, and negate a bunch of the stupid in the canon HP universe. Get rid of Dumbledore for his ceaseless obfuscation and lies by omission?
thank you
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