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for house of black

8/29/2022 c3 JohnMonty
Why would you have the black vaults get emptied and leave him penniless! Hope he ruins Malfoy and Fudge good then kills them of slowly. Fuckers deserve it then have him go after the Greengrasses and Bulstrodes for the trash talk! Can't be forgetting about Skeeter, she needs to be bumped off as well. There would've been safeguards in place by other purebloods that would've stopped the Ministry from taking there fortune. No way the goblins would've just went along with this the blacks are one of there biggest clients! No way something like this would just happen and out of the blue. Hope he kills them all and that Narcissa bitch who just sat back and let her posh stick up his ass husband trash talk the blacks and rob them of there damn fortune! Look forward to reading more of this fanfic! Update Soon!
5/12/2022 c1 Mar91
A very good chapter

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