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for demigod dragon rider kingsbane

2h c4 chimera629
Surprised Arya is three and dont get why he didn't tjust tell the group what he saw.
Is this Percy after the 2nd war and meeting Magnus and carter
2h c3 chimera629
Surprised they speak the same language and wonder why Percy was turned into a child.
Wow is Percy a dad?
3h c1 chimera629
Can't wait to find out how he ended up in this situation.
Wonder how old Percy is and surprised he introduced himself as a son of Poseidon
11h c4 Glitner
seems cool ! .. i just hope u dont bond him with 3 dragon or 2
more is not the better choice -_-
7/9 c2 tsougrhs.59
generic story with bad plot
and characters interact awkward and idiotic to each other
is like this story is written from a kid
7/5 c3 Jason H
Not bad, I like it. Just one caveat, in the author's note, you said that cats and big wild cats don't exist in Alagaësia. I can't speak to the big cats, however housecats and (I assume) wild cats do indeed exist in Alagaësia. In the 4th book Inheritance, the fourth chapter "King Cat", King Grimmr Halfpaw, while negotiating an alliance with Queen Nasuada, mentions the "one-shapes", known to the other races of Alagaësia as cats, as explained by King Halfpaw.
7/5 c2 39Ronnie R15
Well for pairs I've always liked Artemis, Hestia and Rachel.
6/30 c2 Guest
I would sai that maybe percy find Karters name on his hand, and Karter is teleporting himself to Alagaäsia because percy calls him.
with this mark from the kane Percy Jackson crossover
6/11 c2 Dhestro
so far im loving you story even if its short and the only other girl that comes to mind would be talia the daughter of zeus
and hope you continue this story

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