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for Pay Me and I'll Tell Everyone We're Dating

7/7/2022 c5 Ferne37511827
An interesting take on the rental girlfriend story. I like Vanessa character. Keep it up. Anticipating the next couple of chapters
7/3/2022 c5 kukuhimanpr
from how easy vanessa riles up all the rent-a-grillfriend characters in their 1st meetings, i get the feeling that vanessa would manage to turn rumi into a raging volcano within a few minutes.
7/3/2022 c3 kukuhimanpr
ok now i wish vanessa would be bff with kibe's vacation hair.
7/3/2022 c2 kukuhimanpr
kazuyai play cod.

and my negligible respect to wishy-washy-semi-chad-semi-loser-mc kazuya went to the abyss.
7/3/2022 c1 kukuhimanpr
poor vanessa. her car fails to be isekai'd with her into the not-hentai world. maybe the depressed car is being consoled by truck kun in some random car bar.
6/1/2022 c3 HotSummerDays
The memes, Kazuya..
They are the DNA of the soul!
5/16/2022 c1 Dalauan Sparrow
This is a Low. TIer. GOD!
certified classic.
5/16/2022 c2 Richy1991
great chapter

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