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for Street Fighter vs Mortal Kombat: Tag Team Tournament

9/10 c31 GameMax10
I love the DMC reference with Lucia, see what you did there
I gotta ask, are you planning to make a Sequel of this, using MK1 and SF6?
8/18 c30 GameMax10
Yes! Morrigan my Queen~
7/18 c28 21evolution-500
Really cool chapter. I liked how you played the characters off one another. Erron working with Kollector was definitely not a partnership that I expected, and to a certain extent it made sense. A shame that Erron ended up getting killed at the end; just goes to show, never mess with a dude who is nuttier than squirrel shit and who has many, many more hands than he does.

I'm not too familiar with either Eliza nor Mary, but they're fun characters. Interesting that Eliza is going to be remaking the Black Dragon, although I do have to question her tastes in guys if she thinks a dude like Kano is potential boyfriend material (horrible image *shudders).

There were some misspelled words and grammatical mistakes, but generally speaking, I had a lot of fun with this. Keep up the great work, dude! :D
7/17 c28 GameMax10
I never think of someone showing some love to obscure final fight lackeys like this, good job!
And nice to see Mecha Zangief having a happy ending.
I hope we see Necro and Rain soon
6/15 c27 4Fullhouse7
Great interactions and rivals though I would have liked to see Kung Jin and Takeda as well they could have gone against Sean and Remy or with Street fighter 6 out Luke and Jamie
5/9 c27 GameMax10
I freaking love all of this interactions, this needs to be a real game
Like i said your hard work is underrated, as fan of both franchises i can't express how amazing this is.

P.S: where's the link of Cassie's Only Fans page?
4/7 c23 21evolution-500
Very cool. I love the banter between Kratos and Mimir. This was a fun little chapter. I liked the character interactions, although there were times where I wanted a little more. For instance, Kratos and Raiden - I kept thinking that there should have been something between them afterward, but the story just sort of leaps ahead without really resolving that tension between them. I also saw some spelling and grammatical errors here and there, but I think my biggest gripe with this chapter is that I kept waiting for some epic climax, like we get to see the mother of all battles, something big and over-the-top like in the "God of War" games where Kratos fights a giant boss, but it didn't feel like it came, which is a little disappointing imo. That said, though, I had a fun time with this.

Keep up the great work! :)
4/1 c25 GameMax10
Wow, man you had no idea of how AWESOME this history is
Seriously this is underrated AF, You got the characters spot on but at the same time giving them a lot more personality than they already had.
12/22/2022 c24 33Childhood Enigma
Can you do one more? With like Evil Ryu, Violent Ken, and Oni Akuma?
7/31/2022 c3 21evolution-500
Loved how you did the interactions for the different characters here. Awesome work so far, dude. I'd LOVE to see what you would do for Scorpion and Sub-Zero and who you would have them interact with. Or Erron Black.
6/5/2022 c1 3ILikeBeinMe2411
this is pretty lit!
5/30/2022 c1 21evolution-500
Very nice work with this. I liked the interactions between the various characters.

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