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for Do Not Take Thy Name In Vain

6/1/2022 c1 30RyanThorpe
Oh that was gold, can certainly see Fisk doing that. Had me with bated breath wondering what Tessa would do, because we know Tessa isn’t the violent type.
6/1/2022 c1 40neela
Great how the story twists in Fisk being the one punching instead of, say, Steve or Tessa herself. Kinda plays on there being two reasons to react that way: insulting the dad and insulting the daughter. It gets more poignancy when it’s the usually calm-mannered Fisk. I think the story pulls the shock off nicely due to the build up to that moment - though I admittedly thought for a moment it’d be Tessa smacking the guy around! Would’ve probably had more disciplinary consequences if it’d been, though. :) The fan girl shipper wouldn’t mind a follow-up with Steve being furious or respectfully disobedient with the guy for spitting on Tessa… ;)

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