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7/14 c3 90-YoursTruly-0
You need to work with a Beta to fix your spelling and grammar issue. I know the general gist of Zatanna/Zatara's spell casting, which is what Constantine used, but I was unable to get what he was trying to say aside from 'bring me Lucifer Morningstar'. The rest of the sentence could've been phrased better.
6/27 c1 Cosray8d
Well that's a combination you won't see every day
6/26 c2 Crimson Riot 01
6/25 c1 Crimson Riot 01
Esto es genial
6/21 c3 Banjo the Fox
Great read, certainly better than the previous. Very amusing bit with Darkseid.
6/21 c3 SonicMax
There's like three stories going on at once and they're all confusing. But I'm low on stories to read so I'll follow this one.
6/20 c3 Cloud 9 Fish
damn wanted to see Lucifer and Batman keep talking
6/20 c3 LightninXX
Interesting. Interesting. Never seen a Naruto that can see other worlds. Is he just seeing other worlds or the future? Like, the worlds are ahead in time compare to his. A lot of grammatical mistakes, as in you misplace words or use it twice.
6/19 c3 Redgoddragon
5/29 c2 WindyCitySlayer1
Hoping Raven and naruto link up soon followed by Star fire as well
Glad maze ran into naruto
Can’t wait till he turns 18
5/29 c2 1NaruLemon Stories
Sierra was OC right
Loved the chapter
Take care
5/29 c2 Banjo the Fox
This chapter mightve killed it for me honestly, feels like crack. Naruto using british, Australian, and Murican slang for some reason, being a douchebag, then getting his ass rolled at the end is just so... ugh.
5/29 c2 SugamDewan
Good Chapter
5/26 c1 SugamDewan
Good start please keep it up
5/25 c1 Banjo the Fox
Exceedingly unique plot, really hope to see this continued.
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