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6/13/2023 c2 29thoughts-of-joy-dreams-of-love
I loved both these chapters! You did a good job capturing all the characters' voices; I could totally see these as deleted scenes from the film. And it was very effective how you portrayed the gradual progression of M's feelings for G, like how she's unsettled by the idea of him and Elsa dancing together but can't articulate why. Great stuff, thanks for sharing!
10/20/2022 c2 15MsHope
I have to apologize for the ultra-late review but better late than never! I absolutely adored this piece and you write the children's banter so well I may have cackled throughout my reread of this lovely piece. Louisa doing an impression of the Baroness though - okay, look, I know I badgered you about this, but this is really funny and I was cry-laughing while picturing it all flesh out as I read. (Highlights have got to include Liesl attempting to lower her voice and Brigitta saying "from the top!" but nothing - and I mean NOTHING - can beat Louisa's over-the-top giggle.)

This was so fun to read (have I mentioned that already?), and I'm so excited to read whatever you'll be putting out next :)
9/8/2022 c2 mimipoppins
shame on me for thinking I had read this only to realize I hadn't FORGIVE ME, BESTIE!

this is so pure and fun adndnidjdkdjd the girls' impressions of georg x elsa x max were so easy to picture in my mind, I was giggling like the idiots I am throughout the entire thing. as for maria...lmao. poor baby girl is in denial fr it's so amusing, this in particular had me wheezing: "She sat just far enough to be proper, but a little too close, just as the Baroness tended to when she was with the Captain. It was something that Maria had always noticed and found odd, but she could never figure out exactly why the gesture bothered her." like girl... deep down yk why shut yptktofjfofkfor

anyway, sorry for the most likely incoherent review but know that I love and adore this and thankful that the besties convinced you to go through with this one :')
7/21/2022 c2 10bloomandgrow
Hah, this was priceless! Two separate, cute and funny scenes with the Maria and the children.
The first scene with Maria having a tea-party with Gretl and Marta was both adorable and funny. You nailed the little girls’ dramas and antics so perfectly. I really felt for Maria as she struggled to keep her patience after three hours of the tea party and the constant bickering between the girls.

Then, good grief, I really laughed my head off over the older girls imitating their father and Elsa. Their mimicry was so spot on, it was just brilliant and hilarious. Loved it.
7/20/2022 c2 1reisova
Divane chapter
7/20/2022 c1 reisova
Beautiful I hope you will find time to write more often ;)
7/3/2022 c2 11IDontKnowYourSignal
Oh, thank you! This was perfect!
I was already laughing at Maria being caught up in the Teddy-Bear’s-Tea-Party from Hell! It triggered memories of being similarly trapped with my young nieces…
But I adored Maria unexpectedly overhearing the older girls mimicking the Baroness - I certainly wasn’t expecting that! But it was so much more than that. It really made Maria think about how uncomfortable she also felt watching the interactions between the Captain and the Baroness - although she wasn’t quite sure why. I laughed at her tut-tutting the Captain for not following the rules of etiquette around courting, especially after he reeled off all the house rules when she first arrived. And as much as I loved Louisa’s Baroness, I almost loved Liesl’s Captain more! How interesting that Maria instinctively knows the Captain’s natural habitat isn’t a grand and glorious party in the ballroom.
Thank you for such a gem of an update, and apologies for the relentless, annoying pestering… but then, it was your idea!
7/2/2022 c2 BrittanyLS
The older girls were just perfect! What they said was perfect
7/2/2022 c2 55Heyna Blackstar
Oh, this was so sweet and serious all at the same time. I loved it so much! You wrote every character perfectly and their interactions were very in character. Maria was so sweet with the younger girls and the older ones. The girls’ playacting was very well done and I could see each of the girls acting like you described. I absolutely love this.
7/1/2022 c2 nanajojo
Wonderful chapter.
6/7/2022 c1 10bloomandgrow
Sorry for the late review. Life….

Hah, I love that you draw out that the captain really is a man of “hidden talents” in this fic. So adorable that the talent is something quite unusual.

I have to admit I read the other reviews and I was entirely sceptical that you could convince me that he could do something like that. But your gloriously persuasive writing proved me wrong.

The reasoning was completely plausible, and his precise and methodical mind would lend itself very well to such a craft. Now that I think about it, I wish I had given my son some knitting needles when he was young because he was a complete fidget too. Mrs von Trapp senior was very smart.

So cute that he was evasive about his talent at the beginning, fooling Maria (and us, the readers) with the unexpected.
I also loved that the scene was a quiet moment for them to both reflect on their fight by the lake and patch up hurt feelings and deal with remorse.

Now I know I am being greedy since you have given us this wonderful glimpse of the captain as a boy….but, what I would also love is if you write a fic which completely focuses on him at that young age. I know, I know, I’m always wanting more stories from you. I will wait patiently for the longer story you are working on.
This was really lovely ‘slice of life’ moment.
5/31/2022 c1 BrittanyLS
This was a lovely moment between the two of them!
5/31/2022 c1 spacemooi
love it!
5/29/2022 c1 11IDontKnowYourSignal
Oh, this was pure TSOM gold!
I don’t think I ever imagined reading a story where the Captain and Maria were scoping out each other and (let’s face it) flirting while the Captain crocheted a bonnet for one of the girl’s dolls - but you had me believing it was the most normal TSOM scene ever, and then immediately wondering why it wasn’t included in the movie!
Loved the backstory, loved the parallels between Maria and the Captain, loved the mystery and how they’re both left wanting to know more.
I for one, can’t wait for more one shots!
5/25/2022 c1 nanajojo
Very sweet. Thanks
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