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9/19 c1 WarlockoftheDarkAge
I love this story
Many Bloodborne crossovers dont go into the relationship between The hunter and npcs so its nice to see something different
I do hope he meets Sellen i feel they could potentially get along with her curiosity and his knowledge
9/13 c6 Average crackhead
9/7 c6 2SpicyArbiter
Can’t wait till we get to spicy eldritch shenanigans. Enjoying this!
8/10 c6 8Sneky
Would definitely be interesting to see the hunter react to Radahn and Astel
7/24 c2 2Toffeecat15
Looks like Orion was briefly taught by Patches if that kick was any indication

(Can't wait for him to meet this version of Patches)
7/19 c1 Dasgun
7/10 c4 Chu-chu27
First of all, this story is good, it has good characters, good dynamics, a good direction on where it wants to go. And in this time where Bloodborne crossovers are few and far between, its a welcome addition to FF. However, as a reader, i want to point out the only flaw i found in this story that made me stop reading at this particular chapter (Chapter 4). The Hunter's dialogue.

The Hunter came from an era where everybody speaks in formal English, and even as a more carefree type of person, his dialogue should still sound like someone from that setting. But no, he sounds like he came straight out of the 21st century, with quips like "Fuck it...knife". This sounds like an attempt at making him the typical quirky sarcastic main character that OC SI in other fics. His previous dialogue is formal enough, it's not Victorian but it fits. This chapter is what broke the camel's back however, we see him jumping between proper informal English fitting of ye old Victorian man to somebody i hear in a COD lobby. That ruins the reader's immersion, this isn't the Hunter that slayed Nightmares, and suffered horrendously from the Hunt. Hell, I don't even remember him feeling the trauma from the Hunt. Granted, he is a god now, but we don't even see how that affected him. A god in a man's body sounds like something great to explore.

I know it's taboo to mention other stories in the review, but i think it's good to see how other people have written their hunters because most of them, the well-written ones, have integral characteristics that make them believable and lore-friendly protagonists. If this was a SI isekai protagonist that came from the 21st century, I'll believe it. But this is someone who grew up in Yharnam times, the dialogue should reflect that.

Lastly, don't take this review to heart, it's just a bit of criticism from someone who's read just about every Bloodborne fic in this site. I sincerely want this story to succeed, and to a degree it has. If the author takes the time to read this, thank you for writing, whether you listen to what i have to say or not, i just want this story to continue and for you to enjoy writing it. Cheers.
7/6 c6 superdopeguy98
Personally, I believe seeing the two of them encountering the dragon, only to find themselves huddled in the same room as the trapped chest leading to caelid would be very, very interesting, seeing as the boss of that particular dungeon is a beast that fell from the very stars, and set in a backdrop of an outer gods power let run amok. Does audrey, for the sake of continuity, know how to teleport using the graces? Or is this going to be a strictly trekking ack and forth sort of fic? With the game itself being absolutely massive, backtracking would eventually be necessary- such as talking to Ranni and beginning that whole questline. I'm absolutely entranced by this work and all the endless possibilities abound in it. Tke your time and make sure that writing this remains fun for you. i love reading what you write, and would like to see it continued.
6/28 c6 Khoashex
grand so far i cant wait to see his reactions to the fallen star beasts and mogs blood god both very very blood borne in there nature.
6/26 c4 Kyllix
Audrey identifies Margit as a misbegotten, but he's an omen. two very different types of beings.
6/14 c6 4Akashic Silhouette
Well written and I'm eagerly waiting on the next chapter. However, there's really not much to comment on here, this whole chapter kindof felt superfluous, nothing happened, it just felt like filler while we wait for the next chapter, which should hopefully have something plot relevant happen.

I mean, we did get some characterization for the Hunter, but that's mostly it, I really hope I don't have to wait as a long as before for the next chapter.
6/14 c6 superpierce
Great chapter thanks dude.
6/14 c6 3RonaldM40196867
Paths come and go.
6/14 c6 1hellfire45
Good chapter and I can’t wait to see what happens next
6/14 c6 Roland Tepes
Fun update, with Audry getting a little history on Yarnham. Looking forward to Orion learning about the Carian royal family's link to stars and the cities of the Nox people.
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