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for Lost and Found

9/13 c23 3Shellshock92
this was an absolute joy to read AND its going to be fun to see how Kaden contributes to the final fight. he's gotta get to do something cool.
9/10 c23 Garfield's Monster
is rivet fr still not wearing any body armor? Get some plate already smh
9/7 c23 22Thomas Holmes II
Well... you sure know how to write an emotional and profound conversation. There's not just simple exchanges, but acknowledgements of how conflicted both Rivet and Kit feel: both torn between a desire to be apart from each other and wanting to remain together. The outcome is actually better than what the original game did; Kit bailing out of the fight, only to return later on was too predictable really. At least Rivet and Kit have managed to settle their differences for now.

Keep it up, buddy!
9/6 c23 UltimateCCC
Time for preparations for Operation RYNO.
9/4 c23 Ruhsa
this guy was one of those who just love life
9/2 c23 13Baico
Well, it's time to wait again. Take your time and finish when you can. The end feels closer and closer.
9/2 c23 Infernalgriffen
Love this story. Take your time and keep up the great work
9/1 c22 Infernalgriffen
Loving this story, can’t wait until rhe next chapter is out
8/31 c22 UltimateCCC
Not surprised that the Morts helped Rivet reminding of coming out of that hole become stronger; surprised that none of the Morts mentioned up her relationship with Ratchet.
8/27 c22 havocdeaf4376
Glad your back I was getting worried! But I do understand your block and I can relate to it, you don’t have to apologize for that since you’re a real person behind that screen and a very talented writer that being said. As someone who struggles with art block all the time I completely understand. Don’t beat yourself up about it and take care of yourself! And don’t worry about writing a sucky ending, I know it ain’t my place but I’m sure whatever you pump out will be awesome .
7/15 c21 BobTheSentinel
Finally caught up over the last month from starting in the prequel to this and then going through some of the side stories. All I have to say is they have all been a most amazing journey to follow, and I am at the edge of my seat looking forward to where the story goes. Hope you have a good one!
7/2 c21 12SpaceCat010
Well, I've pretty much binged your entire AU at this point. I gotta say it's been fun following along. Can't wait to see what you've got cooking.
5/7 c21 joe schmoe
did you know that in 1953, during the first underground nuclear bomb test, a 4 inch thick steel manhole cover was shot out of the ground by the atomic detonation with so much force that its reported velocity was approximately 125,000mph, or 34 miles per second
5/2 c21 UltimateCCC
Time for a prison riot!
5/1 c21 3Shellshock92
This was a really good one but I think I need to take a weekend or week to actually read the full story of lost and found that we have this far as I’ve sorta hoped and skipped around a good bit. Sorry about that.
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