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for Beggar or King (Viserys Targaryen SI)

11/19 c3 Immortal Potatoe
11/17 c3 moose3333
Cool fic. Hope it keeps up. Hope MC actually treats those around him well, which seems to be the case so far.
11/16 c3 bzrker1
great stuff keep it up love it
11/15 c3 1Alder Hill
great story, will eagerly await the next chapter.
By sending the letter canon went to hell, but it was still the best choice and makes for a really interesting story. Though only the people that already one of the secrets in that letter are real will consider taking the other secrets as being true, so that means as of now, the only people who would believe him would be ned, cersei, little finger, varys and renly. not enough to get the 7 kingdoms into a war.

Im partial to he just conquering slavers bay and from there the rest of essos, or maybe the septstones instead of going to westeros, let them burn themselves and fuck themselves over with the whitewalkers while he is safe in essos.

After how good Willem was to him im betting if he ever gets a child he is naming him after the old knight. Should he maybe use the Darry name while they are in essos, it might protect them a bit.

its a great story cant wait for the next chapter.
11/15 c3 Revo777
interesting, but Viserys needs to have at least one eagle and other little birds to grow his power in braavos if he plans to stay or should he start traveling and recruiting talents.
11/15 c3 idjm
I came here all happy thinking this was an update I love the story so far btw
11/14 c3 Venerabledemon
Kinda disappointed, I thought this was a chapter and was excited as hell
11/13 c3 3BrotherCaptainSheperd
I don't have a problem with it. Please don't deprive him of a dragon though. What's the use of his Targaryen blood if he doesn't have one. Also who will be his girl in the fic? Or girls. He will after all be Aegon the Conqueror come again. He needs to repopulate House Targaryen hehe
11/13 c2 Gaones Paran
Please don't send the letters.
It would destroy every advantage he has.
11/13 c3 4Valkorion510
As always, send feedback.
11/13 c2 FrenchWhiteFox
Wow i ‘m hype this won’t just be a story of vanilla GOT with some adjustments i love this idea !

Hope you give a lot of love to dany she deserves it !
11/13 c2 1max-452fan
Great chapter can’t wait for the next
11/13 c2 GladiumDamocles
I quite like his look on gods. I see so many fanfics about si or some all ready existing character(like robe or Jon snow) chosen by gods to save the world of planetos with special powers or rebirth/time travel. I found this concept very stupid because this concept doesn't add up with lore(this is just like calling greek gods paragons of all good and justice). I am ok with R.O.B or alien space bats granting power or shit but I am not ok with this benevolent rhlor or actual old gods (as gods not as hive mind). This version of this being just doesn't exist and usually when another call his ff a AU and wright stuff about the great gods of the north or the benevolent ASOİAF version of big G rolor they don't underline. Any ways to me there are 3 things to make a ff unreadable(I tried. I really tried but I just couldn't continue) can easily be killed by balistas(seson7,8 dragons), guy I only do things to ensure of good of the people varis (tv varis) and 3. fake ASOİAF god(Big G rhlor or not hive mind old gods)
11/13 c2 Dawning Finally
I had been waiting to see if you will continue this story or not. And while I'm glad to see its not abandoned like so many others, I am not happy how this update turned out. The SI has turned into Book!Viserys with future knowledge complete with madness without even having to go through years of struggle.

Honestly? He still cries for Aerys but blames only Rhaegar out of the two? Like, will he chose to ignore that Aerys killed Brandon and Rickard? Or that he called for the heads of Robert and Ned? That he used to rape Rhaella and was about to burn down King's Landing if Jaime hadn't killed him?

And Jon can die because he is no kin to him? Does he not know how blood relations work? Renly was a year younger that Viserys so he would be twelve right now and Loras only seven. So its safe to say that neither of them are sodomites right now.

The MC has already gone off the deep end it seems. It would have been better to read of a Viserys who used future knowledge to take charge of every situation and come out as the benevolent king. Since he is a separate person, he should realize that in a decade, many of the remaining players on the board will be those who had no hand in his family's downfall.

This chapter gets a thumbs down from me.
11/13 c2 soufianeaouad1
get hounds and eagles for protection and scouting
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