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for The Buffa-Norse Chief

9/30/2022 c1 Guest
Great story! Arguably BETTER than the original episode. Maybe could've had more of Astrid showing how much she really loves Hiccup, like Hiccup did for her in the original episode. But the source of the Scourge being a pre-planned pandemic by Viggo actually makes MORE sense, than having Viggo showing up out-of-the-blue, having magically found the Buffalord at the SAME time as the when the kids finally found the cure, only to delay and then ultimately give them the cure.
6/3/2022 c1 28berksghost
I distinctly remember being disappointed with this episode for the same reasons, this was such a good take on it. It was so interesting to see the impeding death treated with the severity it deserves, and Hiccup getting to see how intensely cared for he is by all his friends and village :( im soft. Thanks for sharing!
6/1/2022 c1 8TobiasBoon
Wonderful episode re-write! It’s nice to have Hiccup see how much he means to the tribe. And I loved Snotlout in this! Very fun read, can’t wait to see more.

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