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for Wolves of Destiny

5/29 c7 14queenlaur
Lots of plans in the works. Good set up chapter!
5/27 c7 Jostanos
What a mess that Xigbar has created and that Zack and Company has been attempting to fix since.

Riku and Sora are together, but may they have kids? If so: how many?

Please continue when you may, Sci. :)
7/11/2022 c5 queenlaur
That is a lot to take in, but so worth it!

With Riku no longer a hunter, he is not on any other hunters radar now right? So they will think he was killed, dose that mean they will come hunt the pack in force? Oh Boy, I don't think the pack is stable enough for something like that!

Zack taking a fatherly alpha roll is so him! I hope he can help not only Roxas but the other 'pups' as well.

Sora being a mess of contradictions is kind of par for the course with him, lol, but I can definitely relate to Clouds' confusion. You wrote an amazing 'Sora coming to except the wolf that has been with him this whole time' scene.

Bless you for helping Riku heal, or at least take the right steps to being healed, through the trauma. I'm glad that he has both Sora and Cloud, the one he is bonded with and the one he looks up to, with him to help!

Now to find out what the boys will do, what Zack will do with the pack, what Axle and Roxas will do regarding each other and the pack, what Cloud will do, and what the hunters will do?! Looking forward to your next chapter. Bless you for sharing your work!
7/11/2022 c5 2InuYoiushi
Great chapter, I can’t wait to see what happens next for them.
7/11/2022 c5 51Venquine1990
I'm a little surprised that you didn't include the fight between Zack and Xigbar. But at the same time I'm glad the guy is gone. It also almost sounds like this story is wrapping up. Is that just me?
7/6/2022 c4 2InuYoiushi
Great story so far, I can’t wait to see what happens next for them.
6/22/2022 c1 Guest
6/22/2022 c4 14queenlaur
Personally I would vote no to MPREG.

So they may not be on the run, nice addition having Cloud find them so quickly. Sora is starting to come to himself, and Riku's trauma is major so I know he won't be 100% for a while but at least he can think! What would happen if their traumatic memories were suppressed/erased?

I'm likening the idea of a small 'pack' made up of hunters, wolfs, and whatever fire being Axle is. But Cloud has a point, Zack becoming leader of the Destiny island pack would mean it would be very hard for him to come to the mainland.

I wonder what the fight between Xigbar and Zack will be like? Will it be fair or will Zack be ambushed?

Great work! Love your writing!
6/19/2022 c3 fraidykat
You thought you was bad, the alpha well guess arent. Just wait you hurt and tried to mark Sora's mate as yours, what hurt you caused him wont be anywhere as bad as what Sora is going to do to you. Great chapter.
Thank you,
6/17/2022 c3 queenlaur
Oh ho! So Cloud, who Riku mentioned was with the Hunters, is good firends with Zack, the second to the former wolf alpha, maybe family. I like how you are working relationships of both KH and FF into your story!

I'm a bit confused by the idea that Sora's wolf has been maturing inside of him as he has grown and is now able to keep a somewhat human or at least rational mindset when in full transformation. But I like the twist that this gives the story!

I am very glad that the pack is not happy, downright pissed, at Xigbar's leadership and decisions. That will hopefully make Zack's job easier!

Thank you for the warning at the top. So Xigbar "clamed" Riku and that somehow inducted him into the pack without changing him into a wolf? And Sora "cleaned" Xigbar's sent from Riku then bit him so his sent would be the one on Riku? Did his own bite cause Riku to "imprint" on Sora insted of Xigbar or was it just because Sora is the first wolf Riku saw when he woke up? Will Riku be like Cloud was at the end of final fantasy crisis core for a long time or will he snap out of it? How will Sora handle everything if Riku is like this for long?

Thank you for all your great story telling! I'm excited to read what you come up with next!
6/17/2022 c2 queenlaur
Wow! That got intense fast! So wolfs can remove the wolf from their unborn children by sacrificing themselves? Is it a ritual or something else?

No Sora's mom!

So if the pack up till now was peaceful how did they keep themselves from killing on the full moon? Confine themselves to safe rooms like Roxas is doing with Axel's help?

Sora has been bitten so what will Riku do now? He can't take him back to the hunter society, the other hunters will kill Sora wouldn't they?

P.S who are the triplets?
6/14/2022 c2 Jostanos
*sighs* They have made a big mistake by taking Sora.
5/30/2022 c1 queenlaur
Wow, WOw, WOW!

This is such a great first chapter! I am hooked right off the bat!
I am excited to read more about Riku's past (training/possibly his parents) and Sora's dad and this group he seemed to be connected with. I'm interested in what Riku can do (hypnotism or psychic powers or maybe something else entirely) and what else he might have up his sleeve.
I hope we can meet some of the other characters in a stronger capacity, aka as side or main characters, but it's cool to read of them as passing mentions too. Are you going to go into more detail with Kiri or Sora's mom? Thanks by the way of adding his dad as I haven't read to many stories that touch on Sora's father, P.s that is also why I would like to know more about Riku's parents. To know a characters family is a huge personality hint as we tend to act different around out family then we do around our friends and coworkers. That aside if the story only moves with Sora and Riku I trust your judgment as the author.

This is going to be one of the greatest AU Kingdome hearts fanfictions I have read I just know it! Thank you for sharing your work, looking forward to the next chapter. :D
5/29/2022 c1 xXxOtAkU-444xXx
I like it
5/29/2022 c1 fraidykat
Is Riku a werewolf? Looking forward to more. Good luck with your surgery and I hope it goes better than you hope.

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