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for PAW Patrol Chronicles: OVERDOSE

9/5/2023 c15 Guest
Cody here you crying about your walk Cody hey stop crying it's okay it's not your fault calm
down I understand that you are crying you can't not siwm in the pool but next summer 6 days to siwm memorial day is 7 days to siwm siwm day's yeah Cody got that covered yeah totally up at the siwm day's yeah Cody. hey you guys are free for siwm day's yeah Cody totally got to get ready for days few weeks.
8/16/2023 c42 4TheMattdude
I can’t appropriately express how…fantastic, this story is. I dont think I have ever come across such a hidden gem, stuck in the layers of a slowly dying fandom. This story does an absolutely amazing job of capturing anxiety, depression, and the desire to make life “right” no matter what. I merely stumbled into this, yet I’m coming away running. Fantastic job good sir. I cannot wait to read what you have planned next.
6/22/2023 c42 Guest
For the love of dog, please continue, I need more!
1/12/2023 c42 2Marshall V2018
Great chapter. Looks like Marshall is going to be in some trouble. Looking forward to reading the next chapter.

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