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5/12 c1 902KagamiPINKAgreste
The title rightfully stated. Years passed still loathe how Boruto came to be. NaruSaku, KibaHina, ShikaIno and NejiTen never happened. The true heartbreaking crime of the franchise.

Anyway, my rant over. The characterizations and interacts with KibaHina very well and loving.
7/2/2023 c1 ElyBet
Woww esta historia es bellisima aunque me duele que Kiba tenga su corazón roto, adoro tu forma de escribir
3/29/2023 c1 4LavenderEyedAssassin
This was beautifully written. I can feel Kiba’s pain and remorse, poor guy. You did a great job with balancing the prose and allowing the reader to understand his current predicament, not a word wasted. It’s so heartbreaking to read I almost wish Hinata would end up with Kiba somehow. Not by cheating or anything, ofc. I firmly believe in divorce. Except there’s no reason for it to occur in this situation, which leaves us in this angsty puddle.I did know that yellow roses represent friendship, but I didn’t know that’s where you were going with it. Thank you for writing this lovely, though gut piercing, one shot. It was executed really well. I also read your pfp and respect your cause. There’s too much unwarranted hate directed in reviews. It’s fine to disagree on pairings and content, but that’s no reason to be mean. Thank you for your movement and for making this community a better place. Take care!
3/14/2023 c1 23Sandataba
Oh, you addressed the comment I left in your Valentine's fic about the seeming rule in Naruto of having only One True Love and never moving on. I should have read this fic first. Of course Kiba finds someone else later on. He's a cutie and deserves it. A quick scan of Narutopedia shows his girlfriend Tamaki also moved on from a previous crush on one Sasuke Uchiha (well, who didn't have a crush on that bad boy) so she and Kiba both know what it's like to not be each other's first loves.

I agree that there was always some hint in the way he teased Hinata and supported her in the manga that indicated maybe he was sweet on her and was trying to pass it off as simply being a supportive guy friend. Which made him a winner in my book, for seeing and respecting the pureness of her love for Naruto without making her uncomfortable by declaring his own affections and forcing her to choose.

I liked how the story started, but then, I think I start a lot of stories with dialogue as well, so it's likely a preference. The rest of the story was, how should I say, proper, for the premise laid out. Angsty, which again, is a genre I prefer not to read, but as usual, I make exceptions only for thee, o'ficcy. Suffice to say, accomplishes its mission. Angst. In. Spades.

Makes me wonder if the saying "love is blind" applies to Hinata but in a different way, though. She's so besotted with Naruto that she was blind to Kiba's love all those years. For being "the one girl who understood him without a spoken word," she sure is dense.

I learned something new as well, the existence of National Heartbreak Day. Not something I thought I needed to know, but will file away just in case. Glad your stats and stuff got fixed! Take care always and thanks for writing!
3/7/2023 c1 Sandataba
Uh... I clicked on the story Brokenhearted which describes a Kiba - Hinata thing in the summary, but it seems the content is about another fandom - Akatsuki no Yona. Is ffnet really that broken? Will check back in again some other time in case this is a weird glitch I'm experiencing. Meanwhile, please feel free to delete this review. I'm just confused but not motivated enough to log in and PM you, o'ficcy.
7/24/2022 c1 55Wintry Leen
That image of Kiba watching the yellow flower wilt and die seared my heart! I'm guilty of having thought of Kiba as someone who was just tough and easy-going, so I love how you treated him here and showed depth to his character. I do hope he also finds his happiness someday.

Thank you for writing this!
6/23/2022 c1 7Sunrise109
Thank you for writing this! It was wonderful to read Kiba’s P.O.V on Hinata and Naruto’s wedding day. The idea that Kiba would’ve had feelings for Hinata makes a lot of sense to me and I guess he’s a character that can easily be forgotten as opposed to the bigger personalities. It was very interesting to read his perspective on Hinata moving on with Naruto and getting married… I hope Kiba will find his love! :)
6/6/2022 c1 26mississippimudpiecraves
Yup, can definitely see this is as a possibility. Kiba has always been that sort of carefree guy but I can imagine him also falling in love with Hinata and yearning and wallowing quietly. All beneath his bravado facade. As always, you were able to capture the emotions well and I'm sure a lot would be able to relate as well, especially to that last paragraph. If only everyone were lucky enough to find their special someone! I didn't even know there was a national heartbreak day! Thanks for letting us know :D Wonderful story!
6/5/2022 c1 1WildMan98
I've never watched Naruto, so my reviews may not be the best you'll receive, but I'll try my best.

So, what I got from this is Kiba failed to get the girl he wanted, and now she's married happily ever after to someone else. I could feel his pain, his sorrow at not being able to get the girl he loves. I also liked what you did at the end, with the lack of a clear happily ever after. The fact that the story ends on a low, but with Kiba hoping for a better day really gave me the feels.

If I missed something or misunderstood something, I'm sorry.

Anyway, great story! I enjoyed it
6/2/2022 c1 4usagi-no-usotsuki
Oh, what an angst fic! Hits right in the feels for sure!

Kiba's feelings for Hinata here are certainly deep and true, because I believe that the truest love of all is when you are willing to sacrifice your own happiness to see the one you love be happy.

And he properly went through all stages of denial and avoidance before having to face reality in all its ugly truth and accept the way things really are is something true for real life as well, from a more psychological perspective which I couldn't help but notice. Kudos to that!
6/2/2022 c1 15naash
Firstly i admire how you can stick to timelines because really i have trouble with that. Please give me tips.

Secondly, I love that i can never guess the genre nor main character of your stories. You're such a versatile writer and i really admire how you can literally write anything and pull it off. Like how. Just how? What is your secret?

Now back to the review. My heart is with kiba really. He fell for hinata who is as blind to his feelings as how naruto was blind to hinatas feelings pre confession. Kiba could have easily confessed, could have objected to the wedding, could have cut off all contact with the happy couple. Yet he decided that his heartbreak was alone for him to bear, that holding on to his friendship and being part of hinata"s life is the next best thing. He is so strong despite his heatbreak. And i think this was the killing point for me. My heart broke for his choice and actions. Till the end he still loved.

Am glad that in canon, he got his own happy ending and that soothes my heart a little.

Wonderfully written as always.

5/29/2022 c1 5RushiAei
Oh jeez, this hit me pretty hard. What an incredibly sorrowful but beautifully written piece! I think a lot of us can identify with what it feels like to be in love and then have fear that comes with acknowledging the possibility that that person you’re so enamored by could end up with someone else. In this story, the ‘wort fear’ does happen to Kiba, and the pain he faces with that is definitely not shyed away from here.

Also that line, “Where one love blossoms, another withers" encompasses the tone of this story so well and is surely a well-known truth for a lot of people, for better or worse. I can only hope that fully acknowledging his pain will eventually lead to full healing for Kiba and others who go through something similar. There isn’t anyone quite like Hinayana, but I’m optimistic Kiba will find someone he can truly be happy with if that’s what he really wants. Amazing story!
5/29/2022 c1 187YenGirl
WOW! We have a second fic from fanofthisfiction, people! And a mere 2 months from her previous one too! The sun is shining down on us and I for one feel blessed! *huge grin*

… even if the theme is heartbreak for a certain someone *grin fades a little* Poor Kiba. I mean, it’s bad enough that he didn’t have a special someone at the time when the other members of the Konoha 12 were starting to pair up… but you detailed out his longtime crush on Hinata so thoroughly and made us experience every single moment of his heartbreak! *looks around* I need a box of chocolates to munch my way through this!

You also posted just in time for National Heartbreak Day too! Man, I feel sorry for Kiba. He had a crush on Hinata long before Naruto-the-Dense did. Kiba thought Hinata was pretty way, way before puberty hit and turned her into a long haired, curvy goddess… while Naruto only opened his eyes afterward. So. Slow.

I mean for crying out loud! Naruto was pinned to the ground by Pein, but there was nothing wrong with his ears, right? Why didn’t he listen when Hinata confessed her love then?! Bah!

But enough about Naruto. I wanna wallow in Kiba’s loss – you made me feel so keenly for him! Having to keep smiling in Hinata’s presence, bolster her confidence, wish her well… and the only thing he stuck to was wanting to wear a yellow rose instead of red. That would just drive the knife in deeper…

Kudos to him for succeeding – if just barely – in putting up a cheerful front during the NarutHina wedding when everyone else was so happy for them! But really, he should’ve just tossed that yellow rose upon coming home. It’s too painful a reminder of all his sweet daydreams about wooing and winning Hinata’s heart…. all crumbling to dust.

Worse still for him – although it made me giggle - the other females were being nabbed up so he’s facing the prospect of being alone for… well, forever! (except that Shino’s still single, Kiba, you know? *winks*)

I did make myself feel better by looking up Kiba’s future and it seems that Fate will smile kindly on him in future. But for now, I feel sorry for him.

Your descriptive writing depicts his heartbreak and suffering all too well! Let’s hope you choose a happier theme next round? Thanks for sharing and thanks for holding this challenge!
5/29/2022 c1 16ladykatsuyu
Love this. Amazing work as per usual. Would love to see an extended version of this! (A multi-chapter fic)
5/29/2022 c1 Lady Rini
Poor Kiba. Gotta feel sad for him. I know in the manga Kiba might have had a crush on Hinata, but I'm not sure on that. Great one-shot.

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