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4h c20 6terrahsims
Wernström...! Nice to see him get his for once, does Minerva's husband happen to have the last name Farnsworth?
7h c38 4Parselmaster
I have, on occasion, seen a story that touches on what the house elves could be like. Few ever give it the terrifying focus that this does. Emphasis on terrifying.
16h c16 4SemiF
“Lt. McLain’s wifewhy not make it McLain’s husband?
16h c15 SemiF
I feel like the business plan suggestions is more on hermoine’s side than Harry’s at this pointshould Molly direct Ron to be thankful to them both at least?
17h c38 Aratherfluffyfatcat
Enjoying the story thanks. Gotta love enthusiastic elves who love their work.
22h c38 Navn Ukjent
Fun chapter. I can't see any chance of the elves going overboard while hunting bad muggles...

On a completely different note, wouldn't the "normal" government soon figure out that something strange is going on, with all the criminals that are suddenly disappearing? Are we going to see a reaction from them soon?
23h c38 SevenBrokenTowers
I have never laughed so hard. I am thinking the elves are the true danger here ! bwahahahahaha
12/2 c38 Guest

Harry potter the great, magnificent, kind and Blackest of the Black

The maker of messes, torturer of bad muggles and bag wizards and Leading the Elves to the promise land. With high priests Dobby and Kreacher
12/2 c11 6terrahsims
Uncle Jim's last name doesn't happen to be Bond does it? LOL
12/2 c38 10jukehero461
Oh my god I absolutely love Dobby and Kreacher taking an order to its illogical extreme; the chaos is delicious!
12/2 c38 BRD man
Elves are good at the making and the doing of things, but not so good at the selling of those things to humans, be they muggle or magical. Thus the hiring of humans to find places for elf works to be going to and get more money for Harry Potter, sir to find even more places for works! The work will be ever growing!
12/2 c38 64VizeerLord
the Great Granger-Potter/black empire
12/2 c38 Tenyo-dono
Lol as is usual for you your story is developing in wonderful ways I would never have imagined
12/2 c38 2morring star
i love how your turn the house elf's it a harry own cult of personality, purely by harry being harry and given them what they want.
12/2 c38 flys36
Future historians would realize that this is when the House Elves took over the world!
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