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9/28 c9 4fangs of death
Badass fight scene, great chapter.
9/25 c9 Guest
Great chap

I wonder if the phantom thieves will have a civil conversation during titans curse lol
9/25 c9 Raider301
Poem of Everyone's Soul is the main leitmotif of the persona series as a whole because of its connection to the Velvet Room and for the same reason butterflies are a main visual motif. Both represent Philemon who in Jungian psychology teaches "psychological objectivity and the actuality of the soul", and in the persona games this is translated to as "humanity's capacity for enlightenment". He is also in a constant battle with Nyarlathotep who is "humanity's capacity for self-destruction". He was originally the one who gave players the ability to use Personae in 1 and 2, and he created the Velvet Room to help these Persona users become stronger.
9/25 c9 Guest
You know i was just playing P2:IS few hours before this chapter came out
9/25 c2 Buttermu
This is good start and entertaining.
9/25 c9 Vinny13
Wow I wonder how olympis reacts to Artemis condition. And I can’t wait to see the thieves big introduction,cause you just know there will be one. I can’t wait for the next chapter.
9/19 c8 Vinny13
I love tis crossover! I cant wait for the medusa chapter. I wonder what the demigods and gods reaction will be to this group of demigods that can summon monsters and gods.
9/18 c8 2Mirrors Cracked And Broken
I'm glad i binge read this... looking forward to the next update!
9/16 c4 1DukeOfWisdom
Is it wrong I didn’t think this would be updated
9/10 c8 Hollowquin666
First off, just like to say I'm enjoy this story so far and like some of the changes made to the base story such as the Hades variations of the Furies and such, but on that note…

Is Zag gonna show up at some point while the Thieves and/or Percyco. are in the Underworld? Just curious is all
9/6 c8 1Insane Wombat
You know, I've always wondered how the Greek Gods would react to meeting something like Lucifer. Or worse.

9/3 c8 Guest
Great chap
9/4 c8 Shen1412 - Formerly Enigma95
thx for the amazing chapter

and holy hell, i feel like i', watching a theater act there in the last scene, amazing

love the flow so far
9/3 c8 Raider301
Persona users derive a lot of abilities and traits from their Persona, and Tatsuya (the main focus of the Scenario) explains it very well.

With his Persona Apollo, Tatsuya possesses natural talent for wielding the blade (as one legend says Apollo was born holding a golden sword),

Though talent doesn't equate to skills: his talent might be Apollo's, but the skill he develops is still his own. Tatsuya even notes he, as in himself, now exists in the collective subconscious as a model for a master of blades.

Apollo is a sun god, so Tatsuya can freely manipulate fire at will: not just conjure or create them, but manipulate them. He even navigates a burning building without worry of its heat.

Apollo is a god of medicine, and thus Apollo is among the Personas who learn healing spells in the game.

And most subtly, Apollo is a god of prophecy, and Tatsuya can te his existence is a violation to the natural order in Eternal Punishment (this is a HUGE spoiler to Persona 2 duology, I recommend you don't search what it means), and vaguely sense the effects of his existence on the world.

It should be important to note however, even Persona users on his level can't draw out all of Apollo's strengths and traits in myth. Apollo is a Greek god who breathes Aether, the essence of the universe, hence why they can breathe anywhere be it in the heavens, the earth, or in the underworld; but Tatsuya notes he can still suffocate and die from lack of oxygen even with Persona.

And, despite having the literal god of medicine as his Persona, like most Persona users Tatsuya still can't heal flesh wounds when in the real world despite being able to invoke his Persona in reality.

In Tatsuya Scenario, Igor makes it clear the limits of a Persona user's abilities can be broken through with enough practice and learning under skilled masters: and it can be easily seen in P5 by how distinct what human Persona users and Velvet Room Attendants can accomplish.

The key to their difference is the "boundary" between "mind" and "matter", "dream" and "reality".

Human Persona users who can evoke their Personas in the real world are those who can "break" through the barrier separating the mind (where their Shadow Self or Persona resides) from reality, asserting their Persona in the real world.

But even these Persona users usually lack the knowhow on how "manipulate" this boundary between mind and matter to their advantage: which would allow them to manifest even the contents of the human heart and give it a tangible shape... drawing out powers which ordinary Persona users cannot use. This isn't a matter of raw power, but skill and mastery.

This is the difference between most modern Persona users, and "Persona users of yore" or the first few Persona users in human history, including Carl Jung and Randolph Carter. Presumably, the Velvet Room Attendants (and definitively, Igor) can do stuffs most protagonists cannot due to following their example.
9/3 c8 4LastManStanding616
Nice chapter
a bit dialogue heavy as you said, but it was well paced and served to bring the plot along while being both in character for the speaker, not feeling like a hurried exposition.

Nice fight scene and cliff-hanger

How will they get out of the underworld later? Hecate has some domain there with crossroads (of life and death), Santen struck the names of his friends out of the book of the dead, will he do it again, can Mercury slip them out or will they slip into another pantheons underworld like helheim where loki and Vanadis will need to deal with Hel or something with the mesopotamian underworld (that's then a situation for Anat, Astarte and perhaps Ishtar to deal with Ereshkigal ((if I can believe FGO)) )
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