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for A Wishful Death

9/25 c7 kaitoechizen211
9/18 c7 bleacherspam1
can't wait for more! I do recommend Harry with Artemis but if you are vehemently against it, then for unmarrieds I'd go with Hestia or Athena. If you are fine with it being someone who's technically in a relationship it could be interesting to choose Aphrodite/Hera. All up to you ofc but just my 2 cents.
8/14 c7 16thomaspheasant
please update
8/11 c2 Nikkless
Normal weapons wont work on Greek mosters Celestial broze is needed
8/9 c7 Isahh
These are some options. I was wondering, though, do you only wish him to pair with a female? Or are you open to gay lovers for Harry?
8/9 c7 Isahh
Curiouser, curiouser. This story gets more and more interesting each chapter.

About pairings, how about a non-olympian, a lesser known goddess? There is Melinoe, Calliope (one of the muses), Nyx... Or a titaness, say Thetis, Selene, Thea, Mnemosyne, Themis... Or other mythological creatures, like an Oceanid, a nymph.
8/8 c3 dloold87
nope sorry this fate bullshit was a cop out and forced, you made him out to be beyond them and suddenly he is not. This was a cheap and lame way to force him onto the plot, and it ruined the story instantly.
8/4 c7 1goblin81
Given how harry is depicted you can ship him with chaos and nothing would change. Hestia or calypso if you want him to have a happy home. Athena if you want a Hermione analog. Aphrodite for the kinky metamorph Tonks. If you want a challenge you can go redeem Medea the demi-goddess witch who was driven insane and killed her children. Granted her ex-husband was heroic but a bastard. Hurray for greek tragedies every body looses.
7/28 c3 Brandon Boodoo
PURE SHIT he KNEW THEY would do some shit.. KNEW IT and still STOOD THERE LIKE A STATUE! wtf for plot this is what to degrade to... Can you authors stop?
7/22 c7 Orangerazor
Very interesting story, looking forward to seeing more! :)
About pairings it would be hard trying to find a decent female goddess (cough Hera cough Aphrodite) who aren't kinda shitty, and also aren't faithful to their marriage. Guess Hestia would work unless Harry's whiling to pair with a minor goddess, maybe Iris? Or perhaps Nyx
7/21 c7 nicogo707070
This is really damn good. Followed and favorited!
7/13 c7 Guest
Hmm if it won't be Artemis then I vote for Hestia
7/13 c7 Guest
Pairing options from me are Tyche, Melanoe, Hecate, Hestia.
7/13 c7 SS V-King Says
Given the whole Master of Death angle that you're trying to achieve, it would be natural if you chose Nyx, Persephone or Hecate as a potential match for our dearest wayward wizard.

Good luck,
SS V-King
7/13 c7 Guest
Please update! Really good story!
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