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for A Wishful Death

7/28 c3 Brandon Boodoo
PURE SHIT he KNEW THEY would do some shit.. KNEW IT and still STOOD THERE LIKE A STATUE! wtf for plot this is what to degrade to... Can you authors stop?
7/22 c7 Orangerazor
Very interesting story, looking forward to seeing more! :)
About pairings it would be hard trying to find a decent female goddess (cough Hera cough Aphrodite) who aren't kinda shitty, and also aren't faithful to their marriage. Guess Hestia would work unless Harry's whiling to pair with a minor goddess, maybe Iris? Or perhaps Nyx
7/21 c7 nicogo707070
This is really damn good. Followed and favorited!
7/13 c7 Guest
Hmm if it won't be Artemis then I vote for Hestia
7/13 c7 Guest
Pairing options from me are Tyche, Melanoe, Hecate, Hestia.
7/13 c7 SS V-King Says
Given the whole Master of Death angle that you're trying to achieve, it would be natural if you chose Nyx, Persephone or Hecate as a potential match for our dearest wayward wizard.

Good luck,
SS V-King
7/13 c7 Guest
Please update! Really good story!
7/13 c7 James Birdsong
Awesome. I fully expected Sirius to be around when they found the veil.
7/13 c7 Guest
Hello. I 'live' in ao3 website, but come here for some nice crossover story. I fall in love to this on the spot and i will try to come back here more often so i wont miss out possible new chapters.

About the pairing. I would appreciate it if you wont pair Harry to Artemis, hunters, Athene or Hestia. They are all oath sworn maidens and should stay that way in my books(Athene is a little bit special case here, but i belive you know what i mean). If you will do so anyway i wont stop reading this, but it will feel weird for sure.

It will be kind of sad if you pair Harry for a mortal, because he is not one. Still, if you take that road there is so much possible drama to have, becaise Harrys job is to make sure people die, not prevent theyr passing.

Of course, if you pic one from Olympus it can be a nice drama land too, because olympians really know how to hold a grudge. There is also nice minor gods to pic too if you want to avoid the main ones, like Hekate, Thanatos and Nemesis to name a few...

I hope this helped even a little bit. If nothing feels good, you can also try to let things be and go theyr own way. Some times characters just pair up kind of accidently when the story goes on.
7/13 c7 Lb
Great work! I’m sad harry won’t be with Artemis but maybe hestia or Rhea will fit him? Rhea could also help with key
7/15 c7 KAngel87
Correction to my previous comment. After searching Ananke is female and the original Greek name is Ανάγκη.
so the correct form would be 'Ο ναός της Ανάγκης' in modern Greek.
7/15 c7 KAngel87
Nice chapter.
Αbout the Greek: if Ananke is male, it is correct. if Ananke is female it should be 'Ο ναός της Ανάνκε'.

keep up the good work
7/14 c7 23witowsmp
Enjoyable chapter. I look forward to the next.
7/14 c7 3Sm0keyPanda
Can't wait for Harry to kick the Fates' asses.
7/13 c7 Akvis
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