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for A Wishful Death

7/13 c7 3RedOuroboros
nice looking forward to more, Athena maybe, Nix, Eris any of them, Leto and Harry, could work, Hestia would be cute, Demeter would be hilarious :)
7/13 c7 Phoenix1687
Harry should be with Hacate. She has connections to magic and the underworld
7/13 c7 SpacePuffs
I like it so far. Curious as to why they where looking for the temple of Ananke in the first place. Looking forward to where this goes. As for the pairing idk maybe Melinoe. Daughter of hades and goddess of spirits/ghosts. I like the idea of Hestia as a contrast as well. Hecate would be amusing as well.
7/13 c7 1TheGrimDragon
Damn, not Harry and Artemis? I would have really like to see that. I, however, can't really think of which goddess to pair him with any ways, so I will just vote for Hestia as well.
7/13 c1 TheGreatLadyScull
Great job, I already like it! And maybe you can satisfy my curiosity, what is your native language?
7/13 c7 1Kidagirl8
Im honestly kind of disappointed that Harry won’t get with Artemis in the end. But if I had to choose someone else it would be Nyx or maybe Hecate as a close second to Nyx.
7/13 c7 Laplase
Go with Hestia, because she's the only one I can see having a chance with him.
7/13 c7 Magus0096
Harry with Aphrodite! Those are always fun. Hephaestus gives up Aphrodite as his wife and freely givesDite to Harry. No conflict or paradox
7/9 c6 23witowsmp
This is an interesting story. I look forward to the next chapter.
7/8 c6 SoSlimShady
This is the kind MoD story I like nice
7/5 c6 McNooby
looking forward to reading more of this.
6/26 c6 Blyatman-1
Sounds like a great story mate keep it up
6/18 c3 1BeelzeBlue
This is painful in its cliché’s, I suppose that’s what some people like, but I’m gunna stop here. Not really sure why fanfic authors use the same things over and over again
6/18 c6 Hyperion07e
susan richards? fantastic four?
6/17 c3 PikaMew1288
Those Three idiots DO realize that there is nothing stopping Harry from hunting the three down an Ending them,right? especially when you realize that their existence is entirely unnecessary in the Grand Scheme of Things.
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