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for A Wishful Death

6/16 c6 1PalmierSama
Stowe, Vermont, USA lost 50% of tourism.
6/16 c6 Djberneman
How is Artemis traveling to olympus without Harry when the first time she teleported away from him cause them both immense pain?
6/16 c6 3RedOuroboros
another good chapter, thx
6/16 c1 kitebakabits
6/16 c6 moose3333

I’m always a fan of Zoe pairings personally, and most of them are very poorly done it woulda been nice for a good one honestly. She’s also functionally immortal which is the only way I can see him having a relationship since he can’t die. But if that’s not an option I understand.

If you’re looking for a canon pairing, Hestia would probably go well with him, and would be an easy choice with little need to rewrite her canon character. Her being about family and all, and him wanting it but never having it would make them fast friends if anything. I could see that working out in a romantic relationship as well.

Athena similarly could work decently, it’d be somewhat similar to the James/Lily pairing where James is smart but kind of rogueish, and Lily was always the academic.

Aphrodite could be doable, and would be my personal favorite, but only if she was rewritten/OOC from canon. I’ve seen a few fics that make her character good by making her somewhat damaged in a way. I’ve seen her successfully written as a goddess of love who is unable to find it due to also being a goddess of beauty. People lust after her instead of love her, and it’s left her incredibly jaded to the world so she puts on that ditsy persona/mask in order to hide. Honestly it would take a similar approach to a common Harry/Fleur trope where Fleur struggles with much the same thing, which would be an interesting homage/parallel to the HP fandom. If you choose this one, I’d warn that it would require a very slow-burn type romance to effectively work. It’d effectively be both Harry and Aphrodite working through their pasts together, which would definitely slow things down. Taking things too quickly, or if your story just isn’t meant to be that long/romance focused, would leave this pairing somewhat hollow feeling if not handled carefully. It has the highest “ceiling” so to speak though IMO.
6/15 c6 4Althyrios
I really like your story but why Harry need a wand ?! He's more than a god !
6/15 c5 16thomaspheasant
please update
6/15 c5 Buble gum 9
man what a captivating story, waiting for the next chapter
6/15 c5 1PalmierSama
Cool Zoë, let's be a bitch with the eldritch entity. Best plan ever, ngl.
6/14 c5 SpacePuffs
This is an amazing idea. You don’t get much stories of harry after being the MOD for awhile where he’s anything but cruel or detached that are any good. I have high hopes for this story it looks phenomenal so far.
6/14 c5 27mad97
I like how he put Zöe in her place I don't like prejudiced arrogant people and Zöe is one of those people I like how you showing that Harry only following along for now so he could regain his power and learn more about the world he is in
6/14 c5 4Althyrios
To Zoe : Cheh !
6/14 c5 Akvis
6/9 c4 Djberneman
She also doesn’t realize that he was also acting arrogant because he doubted anyone that knew his titile would want to make an enemy of him. If he will regain the power to tear a hole between dimensions, what chance do the Fates have of not being rendered from existence?
6/9 c4 1PalmierSama
Explanations! I like explanations!
And do not fear for the quality of the chapter. It's readable, it's clear and there's not a lot of mistakes. And add to that the average quality of fanfictions we reader read, your chapter may as well be a work of art.
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