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for A Wishful Death

6/9 c4 Djberneman
She also doesn’t realize that he was also acting arrogant because he doubted anyone that knew his titile would want to make an enemy of him. If he will regain the power to tear a hole between dimensions, what chance do the Fates have of not being rendered from existence?
6/9 c4 1PalmierSama
Explanations! I like explanations!
And do not fear for the quality of the chapter. It's readable, it's clear and there's not a lot of mistakes. And add to that the average quality of fanfictions we reader read, your chapter may as well be a work of art.
6/9 c2 erozoth
Pass. In some attempt to keep drama and suspense you made him ridiculously weak. I have zero interest in that.
Seriously, normal Demigods, children age 12-15 fight against this monsters and can win, with a sword. I was reading that part and thinking "how many fcking spells is he using against one enemy and they do nothing?" You made his magic so ineffectual against a monster (directly that is), he had to conjure physical things to crush its head. In essence you made magic useless and physical attacks the King which makes the demigods more suited for this world than a Wizard.
A monster has this resistance to magic, a god? a titan? What a joke.
He can travel dimensions and worlds but a Chimera is giving him trouble? What pointless fanfic corssover. You could have just written a none crossover or uses an OC\SI.
If he is to weak to stand against the gods he is no different than the built in Demigods. Fighting monsters, struggling, winning somehow (or not) then a god shows up and they need to start talking politely.
It's not about how weak he is, its about there is no different from him and other demigods and therefore I can just read a similar fanfic novel (which is complete) or just canon.
6/8 c4 3RedOuroboros
another good chapter thx
6/8 c4 Creativenameok
I recognize that I have little to no input in your fic, but please don’t pair Harry and Artemis together. I’m not really a fan of Artemis or a huntress getting paired at all.
6/8 c4 Shiro7
please, do not make it into a romance.
6/6 c3 Ravenjuubi
Great chapter
6/5 c3 1PalmierSama
Intriguing chapter. However, if Harry fought against much older beings (as such, more powerful), how the hell did he get shackled so quickly? Right now, it looks like our homeboy got nerfed for the story's sake. This is either a lousy plot device (I'm looking at you, Boruto), or I need to shut up and wait for the future explanation.

Despite that, this is still a good chapter.
6/5 c3 SvenTheDecoy
So he just sat there and let himself be chained by the fates? Good job. Probably millennia old and he’s still an idiot.
6/5 c3 1rajeshkont
this is stupid..

he threatens and then takes it in the backside.
6/3 c2 Anon
This is so interesting! Can't wait for the next chapter!
6/3 c3 toile grant
it's good
6/3 c3 KongoBongo
Good chapter thx
6/3 c3 Laplase
Fate cannot control Death these are two fundamental forces and Death is OLDER! I hope he goes all Kratos on The Fates and shows them why they shouldn't mess with Death...
6/3 c2 LordNimmu
what... you can't just stop here.
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