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for Swing Your Razor Wide

7/15 c1 144rebecca-in-blue
Such a creative, well-written story. I like the idea of Sweeney using his own murder weapons on himself and how difficult that would be for him. It's a good idea to tie that into his guilt over Lucy and what she would think of the man he's become. Wonderful work, though I think you have some typos in the sentence "It was the last time something would them..."
6/1 c1 1canihavealittlemoneyimverygay
LOVED this! I've read many Sweeney Todd fics where he's ruminating on revenge and what he has lost; it's refreshing to see something that focuses on everyday pleasures. I never considered that he might have such a complicated relationship with his craft, something that developed as a thing of beauty and is now so sordid
9/11/2022 c1 Guest
I love the lore addition that he was giving free shaves to his fellow prisoners
7/10/2022 c1 7Musicwriter158
Loving the idea! The irony that Lucy gave Sweeney the very razors intended for barbering and he now kills with in her name is a great concept! I also love the little glimpses we get (her voice, her eyes) kind of like how he can’t quite remember Lucy’s face (at least not without looking at a picture).

Great work! I love all your Sweeney stuff by the way!

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