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1/14 c26 17lizzy74656
Wonderful. Each new chapter is eagerly awaited and you don't disappoint. This new bit about Spock and T'Pol is lovely. Looking forward to more. Thank you.
1/4 c25 Capt. Kathryn
Another great chapter that has me wanting more!
1/4 c25 lizzy74656
Oh dear, I'm on the edge of my seat here. Great, great.
12/25/2022 c24 Capt. Kathryn
You have such insight into the characters; it's incredible! I loved that this chapter was both emotional and furthered the storyline. I really can't wait for more!
Merry Christmas!
12/23/2022 c24 lizzy74656
Oh, wonderful and emotional too. So Paris and T'Lessa are the keys. Where next?
12/13/2022 c23 Capt. Kathryn
This was so good!
12/11/2022 c23 lizzy74656
Oh beautiful, so beautiful. Now I think we're getting to some resolution as to why the sphere builders want Paris and T'Lessa out of the way. Next chapter soon...please...!
12/8/2022 c1 plasmafire
Bravo! More please- this is like watching a feature film , it’s excellent!
12/2/2022 c22 Capt. Kathryn
And the plot thickens... I can't wait to see what he will think meeting Miral!
11/27/2022 c22 lizzy74656
Another piece of the puzzle. Great.
11/21/2022 c21 Capt. Kathryn
I like all the new plot developments!
11/9/2022 c20 Capt. Kathryn
But if the correct timeline is Miral's...then both Tom and T'Lassa are supposed to die, right? I hope they can prevent the explosion from happening in the first place! I'm on the edge of my seat right now; please update soon!
11/5/2022 c19 Capt. Kathryn
These last few chapters have been so heartbreaking. But maybe he's finally on the road to finding the truth? Or will the truth actually destroy? It's all so mysterious; I can't wait to read more!
11/7/2022 c20 lizzy74656
Sounds like it's Tom Paris who is the focal point, or Admiral Owen Paris, since he didn't survive. Hmm, we'll have to wait and see, what you write next in this thrilling complex story.
11/7/2022 c20 Aussie SciFi Tragic
A good chapter. I love the Tom and Harry interactions and the reference back to Voyager. Maybe Tom should invite people to his table every night. To try and help teamwork especially since they’re on long voyages.

It was Miral! I wondered if it was but I realise now I was thinking of only one time line where she had died. Daniels is such a rich character too. Will we see the alien being who helped Archer with riddles about the sphere builders?

I do like the way Tom wants to pilot the Paris. Was there any doubt? No word on whether on the Jaeger he helps out like he did on the space station, I assume he does. I don’t agree with the idea a captain must always be detached from the crew. There’s not always the need for formality! LOL. I hope he actually helps the Ensigns in the cockpit.

I do wish we could have the EMH on board! I’m sure their informality and friendship would be a good addition to the story and help Tom cope. I do hope we see Harry do so.

Such a great complex fic!
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