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8/15/2022 c11 17lizzy74656
Oh wow! T'Lessa sure knows how to put a spanner in the works! Great suspense, can't wait for more and time to be reset. Wooh!
8/6/2022 c10 lizzy74656
Looks like there's a Ray of hope, for poor numb Tom Paris.
7/31/2022 c9 Capt. Kathryn
I could hardly catch my breath through these last couple chapters. Well written; you've overturned every "it'll-be-fine" expectation I almost always have for stories, and it's left me on a real cliffhanger. I can't wait for more!
P.S. please, please, please give us a happy ending when you get there...;)
7/26/2022 c8 Guest
7/28/2022 c9 lizzy74656
Oh dear. What an emotional mess, for all of them. Good to see another chapter though. As this is really only a dark prelude to the rest of the story, I'll say here looking forward to the next one.
7/21/2022 c8 lizzy74656
Oh help! I'm afraid I skip read this harrowing, please tell me, that someone is going to reset time? Poor Tom and what of Endeavor? I shall probably read this again properly, if I can get the courage to do so.
7/12/2022 c7 Capt. Kathryn
This is intense! I can't wait for your next chapter!
7/12/2022 c6 Guest
So what's going to happen? I feel like we're getting a lot from Aaron and T'lassa and not enough of the actual plot...
7/12/2022 c7 lizzy74656
Oh wow! I'm on the edge of my seat here. Now I'll have to be patient until you get the next chapter up. Enjoy your time away from the computer though.
7/8/2022 c6 lizzy74656
This is very interesting, like a musical refrain that's building up to a crescendo of an explosive force. What happens next, I wonder, especially when Chakotay and Harry arrive on the Endeavour. Wow.
7/2/2022 c5 lizzy74656
6/26/2022 c4 Capt. Kathryn
I was waiting for you to bring Janeway in to this story! I hope she has more roles to play here. I wonder what she is hiding...
Great chapter!
6/27/2022 c4 grcommanderbat1
I am enjoying this story as well as your Chuck stories. Please continue this story along with the Chuck ones also.

6/18/2022 c3 lizzy74656
This is wonderful. The explanation of Pon farr even in female Vulcans, is wonderfully written here. If I say anymore, I'll spoil what I have written. Thank you.
6/15/2022 c2 lizzy74656
I like where this is going. I've always liked Voyager and although I have not watched all of Enterprise, I do have the complete series. Having read your profile, I also like that you stick to canon - great. What happened on the screen or in the book happened. Lovely. I hope my review motivates you to continue sharing your writings.
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