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for A Fox-Tale

3/18 c1 5Cinna Bae
10/21/2022 c1 Guest
I really enjoyed this chapter, hopefully your passion sparks up for it again, but if not, that’s absolutely okay, the chapter was nice x
7/31/2022 c1 Jar-of-puzzles
this is really cute so far. cant wait to see the story play out.
6/25/2022 c1 VG00
Faltria mejorar un poco pero es bueno.

*seguir historia*
6/17/2022 c1 5cg037
A great start, keep up the good work.
6/8/2022 c1 sea1437
Great chapter looking forward to the next
6/7/2022 c1 Syth1720
good so far, please update soon.
6/7/2022 c1 Ab
Please update! Its been 12 hours already.
6/7/2022 c1 Guest
Yes, please continue! Naruto/oc stories are rare and I know you will write a good story, as previewed by this chapter. You are a good writer...please continue as soon as you can!
6/7/2022 c1 NoPlan3567
Nice chapter
6/7/2022 c1 JWJJWJ98
Great chapter

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