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9/10/2023 c5 Joshua the Hand-Written
Sunnydale is one word. You are doing really well for a non-native speaker. Looking forward to the next chapter.
3/2/2023 c5 1Galidor the Negative Tangerine
Man, just found this and whipped through all 5 chapters and really wish it had continued.
10/24/2022 c5 shugokage
Great job on this interesting scene and chapter!
10/13/2022 c4 scyfly
hmm im personally of the oppinion any interaction with true godly beings should be kept to a minium. this whole background and now this meeting just adds nothing of value
10/13/2022 c3 scyfly
industrial factory is not a measure stick... like at all. are we talking about a major shipbuilder? a metal foundry? or a car assembly line? big difference in expendure of energy
10/13/2022 c3 scyfly
doom really is one of the most effective super ppl of marvel, if he wasnt such an egotistical ass he'd be my fav
10/13/2022 c2 scyfly
nice concept, needs a bit of edditing though.

building an AI from ps one is quite the accomplishment
9/21/2022 c5 3Sajuuk
Hello lol
Good chapter
I really hope xander use a version of the halloween spell so he have the power of peter parker, miles morales, spiderman 2099 and spiderwoman power of spy web and pheromones.
Like that you have spiderman pack with spider sense and spiderman body, electric power and invisibility, griffes, pheromones, spy web and intelligence of all 3 spiderman.
Hope you use tracking pheromones to hunt enemy or spray pheromones to find invisible enemy.
But please add some ward so you dont add the Parker luck to the Harris luck.

You can add the knowledge of tech like tony stark, bruce banner, reed richards, prof X, hank pym and The Beast, military training from war machine and/or captain america, the immortality and regeneration of wolverin, people good for martial arts and magic...

You can also add other people like eggman from sonic, some people of the batfamily (like batman, batwing, red hood or red robin), darth revan from starwars, some heroes from startrek or starcraft, doom slayer from doom eternal, Master chief of halo, some capsuler from eve online or higgaran captain from the mothership in Homeworld 3...

Go wild with the possibility in marvel, in dc but also think of other universe from games or movies.
I really hope xander will product medecine from halo, dc, marvel, mass effect, starcraft and startek.

Write a lot and have fun !
9/19/2022 c5 Azai Jin
Thanks for the chapter!

It's good to get a new chapter and I'm looking forward to Xander and Dawn meeting up!

Can't wait to read more!
9/8/2022 c4 1scorched halloween
Great! Love both Buffy and SG1. I can see you've taken some inspiration from "Iron Tau'ri" by Gunsmith 3000. I liked that fanfic alot, and looking forward to more like it!
9/1/2022 c4 1Glrasshopper
As the as Dawn/Xander can be, I have always been partial to Tara/Xander. Yes, I know there is a gender barrier there that needs to be written around, I just like the combination of personalities.
8/19/2022 c4 Alcov
Lovely story. I’m up for a dawn/xander pairing btw. I’m guessing the dawn part was she connected with xander in the astral plane or something. That’s my best guess anyway.
8/16/2022 c4 Azai Jin
Thanks for the chapter!

Who is or was Eternity? Will we find out? I really hope the the stupid PTB get their ass handed to them!

I love that we get to see Dawn's POV, what she has gotten out of Halloween and what she is up to! I can't wait to see Xander and Dawn interacting and hopefully working together! And as she says, he is her "... future hubby :) xoxo"! Which I fully support!

Can't wait to read more of this story!
8/15/2022 c4 Luizinho
Great story
8/15/2022 c4 shypunk
this is a confusing mess
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